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Up to 45 Artworks 
Artist's Photo 
Short Biography 
Biographical Statement 
Personalized URL 
Can be Featured 
Unlimited Updates 
Artwork Descriptions 
Guest Book 
Artist Directory Entry 
Link to Own Website 
Non-exposed E-mail 
Contact Information 
Price: $10/month
One-time Setup:
    Self-setup (through Web): Free 
    Mail-in: $5 per image/slide/photo/text page
    (see address) 
Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your new MesArt account for any reason within
30 days you will receive a full refund, no questions asked. We don't want
your money if you are not totally happy.
Step-By-Step Instructions
Mail-in form (Part I)
Mail-in form (Part II)
E-Commerce capability allows you to sell your artwork on the Internet. In case of a sale, we will handle credit card payments for you. A 15% commission is taken on art sold through our website. No commission will be taken if the buyer purchases directly from you.
Accepted cards: Visa, Master Card, American Express.
Setup options:
Self-setup (through Web): (1) Create your account by clicking on the Sign up... button. (2) Prepare and upload pictures, then (3) let us know that you want your account to be activated. (Note: before your account is activated, your artwork is visible only from your own computer). Using our unique MesArt management tools, you can at any time arrange images in your portfolio, set pricing, manage your biography, artwork descriptions, and more.
Mail-in: Send your slides/photographs, personal photo and necessary texts such as biography, artwork descriptions with a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) to our address. We will digitize (scan) and prepare your images for the Web and create and set up your account. Our address:
P.O. Box 31804
San Francisco, CA 94131-0804
Make sure to include check for appropriate sum with your mail-in setup. We charge $5 per image/slide/photo/text page.
Personalized URL
Your web space will be accessible by a personalized URL in the form of<YOURNAME>
For example, if your username is jsmith, your art will be accessible at
This allows you to put this URL on your promotional materials, such as business cards and exhibition catalogs, in addition to providing visitors a direct access to your space.
Can be Featured
The MesArt staff periodically selects artists to be featured on its Homepage. Being featured on the Homepage can increase the exposure of your MesArt website.
Guest Book
An example of artist's Guest Book: click here
Named Series
This feature allows you to assign names to your account pages. Therefore your artwork collection can be categorized into Named Series (For Example: "The Blue Period," "Portraits," "Modern Still Life," "Collages of the 90's"), not just numbered pages.
Artist Directory Entry
MesArt maintains an Artist Directory which is designed to help visitors view artists by name.
Link to Own Website
If you already own a website, you will be able to link from your MesArt website to your other website. This may increase your website's exposure, since people visiting MesArt will be able to proceed to your website.
Link to Launch E-mail
Users will be able to contact you directly through this optional e-mail link. This link automatically launches your visitor's e-mail program and puts your address in the window.
Contact Information
You can choose to show your Contact Information on MesArt, so that buyers will be able to contact you directly.
Visitor Statistics
Comprehensive website statistics show you how visitors find your site and go about it. You have daily traffic numbers, traffic sources, your most visited pages, geography of your visitors, user conversion rates, bounce rates, average time on site, and more.

Remember, if you are not satisfied with your new MesArt account for any reason within 30 days you will be receiving a full refund.

We wish all of you happiness and success!
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