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MesArt provides an elegant and affordable Internet presence with online sales capability to all new, emerging and practicing artists. In addition to the most innovative features of our web site, MesArt has real benefits such as: ease of use, a friendly support staff, safety, speedy connections, online sales, credit card processing, and more!

MesArt Management Team

Tatiana Lyskova
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Artist Studio
Tatiana Lyskova is the founder and CEO of MesArt.Com. The MesArt organization was founded in 2002 to provide an affordable venue for artists to showcase and sell their work. From this beginning, MesArt has grown to now host to over 1,500 artists in over 20 countries around the world. Lyskova, a native of Moscow, Russia, graduated with a BFA degree in illustration and graphic design from The Print and Publishing University of Moscow. She worked for many years for large publishing houses in Russia, later relocating to The United States, where she began a new career in California in the field of web design. She founded her own web-design studio, which later became Taitl Design. Lyskova currently oversees all aspects of the MesArt organization.

Andrey Potekhin
Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer

Andrey Potekhin graduated from Moscow State University, Russia. He relocated to the Silicon Valley to pursue a career in software engineering. Andrey manages the technical aspects of MesArt. Andrey lists bird watching, ping-pong, fresh water and mountain climbing among the things he enjoys.

Marti McKee
Director of Communications

Artist Studio
Marti McKee is a local San Francisco artist who has studied drawing and printmaking focusing on the figure for nearly 20 years. Her interest is the study of human and animal forms. She has studied continuously at San Francisco City College, Phelan and Fort Mason Campuses, UC Berkeley Extension, San Francisco, and Kala Art Institute, Berkeley. Over the years Marti has exhibited in many shows and has been selected for inclusion in multiple juried events. "I seek inspiration from both the great masters and undiscovered local artists. I have a great appreciation for the local art scene and have served on the Artists Advisory Council and Board of Directors of Artspan, a non-profit organization that produces San Francisco Open Studios."

Until mid 2006 Marti McKee was a Federal employee working in the area of media and public relations. While this career did require some creative instincts, her passion has long been exploration and expression of the human/animal condition through drawing. Since retiring she is able to devote all her time to art endeavors.

Valeria Kumin
Director of Centre for Professional Growth

Valeria coaches individuals and solo practitioners in achieving their life and business goals and has helped companies in developing business, marketing and public relations. She trained hundreds of people around the world in communication, negotiation and leadership.
“I have a passion for opening the world of possibilities for people. Where people see conflict and limitations, I see possibility and potential. I feel personally responsible for helping people to create success in their personal and professional lives and getting the results they want,” says Valeria.
Working at the San Francisco Design Center as the vice president of an international design company Mrs. Kumin worked with internationally acclaimed designers. She established successful relationships with art dealers and art galleries, sold paintings to customers and helped visual artists display, market and promote their work.
As a public speaker, she presented at Dublin and Limerick Universities in Ireland, the Academy of Management in Moscow, Chico State, Golden Gate Law school, Stanford, and Berkeley University in California.
Valeria is a Certified Master Results Coach, Master Practitioner of NLP, Certified Master Hypnotist, Master Performance Consultant, and Advanced Neurological Repatterning Practitioner, Certified Trainer and Mediator.

Sabine Grand
Director of Marketing


Sabine Grand is a graphic designer specializing in web design. In addition to her interest in visual & digital art she is also an accomplished glass blower. A native of Lyon, France she has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for ten years. Grand is the founder and CEO of her own design company, Griffon Studios, and is the co-founder of MesArt. Regarding her own approach to art, Grand replies: "Creativity, when applied to a specific digital process results in a series of new and original work. Texture takes on new meaning; images shape themselves in an organic yet figurative style."

  Press Release

MesArt reaches an important milestone in its popularity

MesArt, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, announces that its website has reached an important milestone in its popularity. It was rated #1 in art hosting by Google, Yahoo, Bing, as previously by Netscape, MSN, AltaVista and AOL. Google also rates MesArt #1 in the "artist listing" category, which has over 8,500,000 web pages.

MesArt is an artist run and curated website with local and international reach which was founded by artist Tatiana Lyskova to provide an affordable Web presence and online sales capability to her fellow artists. MesArt currently features an array of fine art, craft and commercial artworks including painting, graphics, printmaking, photography, illustration, glass, jewelry, metal work, wood, fiber art, murals, sculpture and mixed media.

MesArt is a place where artists of all level of skill can display and market their art and be in touch with art collectors, stores, exhibition venues and galleries. It makes exposure in its Lobby (free) and in its elegant Showroom and Private Studio easy with its unique blend of management tools and personalized features, enabling the artists to list and sell their art online, update their biographies and list current shows, sales and exhibitions, maintain guest books, and much more.

With a spate of already available online art websites, MesArt stands out by creating relationships between itself and the artists involved with the site. As MesArt is directed and maintained by artists, it knows and has experienced the multi-faceted methods and intents of displaying and exhibiting art. MesArt also offers discounts on a full range of design services, i.e., graphic design, web design, CD business card portfolios, and works with artists to develop another essential link of their professional artistic lives.

We wish all of you happiness and success!
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