The Art of Anthony Toney

  Anthony Toney, Featured Artist, Summer 2004 at L'atelier Robert Coane  
  This website honored him in the summer of 2004 shortly before his death. Artwork, writings and links to his past are featured.  
  New York Times Obituary  
  This is the obituary that appeared in the NY Times shortly after his death on September 10, 2004.  
  Father/ Daughter Retrospective at College of Marin  
  In March of 2003 as Anthony Toney approached his 90th birthday, he and his daughter, Anita had a joint retrospective at the College of Marin and this article appeared in the college newspaper.  
  Teacher's College, Columbia University, Alumni News  
  In honor of his 90th birthday retrospective, a note appeared in the Alumni news and also makes reference to his donation of 20 paintings several years earlier.  
  Frontlines of Social Change:Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade by Richard Bermark  
  This book by Richard Bermark includes photos of Anthony Toney, a veteran of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. He fought in this international brigade in Spain against the fascist forces led by Franco in the mid 1930's.  
  List of WPA projects in Central NY  
  This gives the location and description of several murals that Anthony Toney did under the auspices of the WPA project during the 1930's in Gloversville , New York (Fulton County).  
  SF Chronicle, War Heros Late Honor, April 27, 2008  
  His daughter Anita spoke with a reporter about his participation in the Spanish Civil War while attending the dedication of the first national monument to the Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Bridgade which was unveiled in the embarcadero of San Francisco that day.  
  Art in America, Obituaries, January, 2005  
  His death was noted in Art in America in the January issue of 2005.  
  1994 Annoucement at Columbia University  
  In 1994, Anthony Toney donated 20 paintings to Teacher's College, Columbia University where he had received a Doctorate of Art Education in 1955.  
  Reading Red: Art and Social Revolution by Alan Wald  
  Anthony Toney is mentioned with other artists of his time as they struggled with integrating politics and art.  
  Wikipedia, New School for General Studies  
  In its description of the New School for General Studies in New York City, Wikipedia cites Anthony Toney among its prominent faculty. He taught painting and drawing there for over 40 years.  
  Google Book Search, The Social and the Real: Political Art of the 1930's  
  One of several books about art and politics that mention Anthony Toney and his work.  
  1994, NY Times Exhibition Review  
  This article refers to an exhibit of three friends and artists in 1994.  
  San Francisco Chronicle Remembers 2004  
  Anthony Toney was included in a list of exceptional people who died in 2004 by the San Francisco Chronicle.  
  San Francisco Editorial Obituary, 9/26/2004  
  San Francsico Chronicle's obituary focuses on the many achievements of his life.  
  NY Times, Obituary for Edna Toney  
  Anthony Toney's wife, Edna died in 1993 and was a dedicated writer, playwright, actress and activist.  
  Anita Toney- Printmaker  
  Following in her father's footsteps, Anita has made her career in art. Her medium, however, is multiple plate color etchings.  
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