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The family of Anthony Toney (1913-2004) presents this collection of his artwork. It covers the eight decades of his career. Included in the family collection are portraits, interiors, cityscapes, landscapes, and figurative studies. The works range in size from miniatures to large scale paintings and in style from realistic portraiture to colorful abstractions.  

    His natural ability to copy and do portraiture is evident throughout. But his greater interest in developing a personal and meaningful style which incorporated his strong beliefs on life and art can be seen as he progresses through the turbulent times that he lived.

    His work is marked by an intellect that looked at the world and saw a complex reality. For him realism was not a mirror of the natural world, but a more abstract idea which included political and psychological forces. His strong aesthetic was influenced by the movements that preceded him- impressionism, expressionism and cubism as well as the foundations of the old masters.

Toney taught for 40 years at the New School in New York City and published two books on his theory and methods of painting. At the height of his career, he exhibited at the ACA gallery in NYC producing a new and varied body of work every two years. His world revolved around his painting and his teaching- thus keeping his ideas and work fresh and alive.

     This website honors an artist who produced a beautiful, varied body of artwork during his lifetime. It also serves as a central point for information about him and his work.

Collectors are invited to contact his daughter, Anita Toney for information about him or his paintings or to add images to the website.
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