"Beauty always offers its own form of seduction"
                                                 ~ Elizabeth George

When I was 6 or 7 years old growing up in Moscow, some 30 years before  the experience made its way into the consciousness of my journey, I liked to "play secrets". As an only child I had to occupy myself somehow and that game was as good as any because I could easily do it on my own. It involved wrappers for chocolates. The ones that you've managed to consume of course! The better chocolates - the more intricate the wrappers were. The best were the ones with the picture in the middle < it could even be a tiny replica of some famous Russian masterpiece hanging at Tretyakov Gallery> and the silver lining. After spending hours on folding them, still smelling of chocolate,  just right, completed with the silver design of the lining leaf, you had to hunt for another necessary element of a "secret". That would be a piece of glass. The beer bottled ones, amber in color were the most magical. Then you had to bury the folded rapper with the glass on top in the shallow grave of the playground's dirt. That was a "secret". The magic happened when the young "artist", on all fours and with her nose close to the ground, started to push the dirt away with her single finger in a slow little circular motion, clearing the tiny window of colored glass.... What a transformation! In the first shock of discovery it takes you a while to comprehend what you were actually seeing.....Then it sinks in: a mystery of familiar....And the feeling! Of wonder, of revelation. I think that all my life I am chasing that feeling - the mystery to be discovered. That simultaneous shift of reality, the recognition of magic

Born in 1961 Moscow, Russia
1997 MFA Moscow State University of Cinematography (VGIK)

Awards, Grants, Residencies

2014  -  3rd place winner Members Only Competition, Still-life Category; Portrait Society Of America
2013  -  Full Fellowship Award for the residency at the Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, Vermont
2008  -  Visual Aid's Jerome Caja Terrible Beauty Award, San Francisco, CA
2007  -  Award of Excellence, Cash Prize at Northern National Art Competition, Nicolet College,
            WI Best in the Show, Cash Prize at Loyola National Works on Paper, Chicago, IL
2005  -  Award of Excellence: 46th Communication Arts Annual Illustration Exhibition, CA
         -  Full Fellowship from Helene Wurlitzer Foundation, Taos, New Mexico
         -  Best in the Show "Dimensions 2005", 40th National Exhibition, Winston-Salem, NC
2004  -  Award of Excellence: SDAI 48th International Exhibition, San Diego, CA
2003  -  Full Fellowship from Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, Vermont
1997  -  Grant from the Paul Beckett Foundation, Denmark / Spain
1993  -  Gold Medal: Mid-Atlantic Watercolor Exhibition, Baltimore, MD
1993  -  Merit Award: 36th Annual Illustration Exhibition, Society of Illustrators, NY
1991  -  Merit Award: 27th Annual Illustration Exhibition, Society of Publication Design, NY

Selected  Exhibitions

2020  -  “QUINTESSENCE” Andra Norris Gallery, Burlingame, CA
         -  “31 WOMEN” Whitney Modern, Los Gatos, CA
         -  “ART OF QUARANTINE” Shoah Gallery, Berkeley, CA
         -   “S E M P R E” STICKS, Berkeley, CA
2019  -  “Summer Medley” STICKS, Berkeley, CA
         -  "GLIMPSE" 3 artists Show, North Berkeley Investments, Berkeley, CA
2018  -  "METAMORPHOSIS" Andra Norris Gallery, Burlingame, CA
         -  "BECOMING" STICKS, Berkeley, CA
2017  -  “Big Show of Small Works” Group Show Andra Norris Gallery, Burlingame, CA
         -  "R E V E R I E" Sticks Picture Framing & Art, Berkeley, CA
         -  "Full Circle" The Club Gallery, Claremont Hotel, Berkeley, CA
2016  -  "Fragmented" Gallerie CITI, Burlingame, CA
2015  -  "Two Artists Show" Pryor Fine Art Atlanta, GA
         -   Art Silicon Valley, Art Fair San Mateo, CA
2014  -  "Emotive" Gallerie CITI, Burlingame, CA   
         -  "Urbana"  Group Exhibition, Gallerie CITI, Burlingame, CA
         -  “Three Artist Show” SFMOMA Artists Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2012  -  "Seen" Visual Aid presents MONCA. Works by David Park, Nathan Oliveira, Richard Diebenkorn,         Mel Ramos, Elena Zolotnitsky, San Francisco, CA
         -  "Dennis Campay, Andre Petterson and Elena Zolotnitsky" Pryor Fine Art, Atlanta, GA
         -  "Sin & Redemption" SFMOMA Artists Gallery, San Francisco, CA
         -  "Berkeley Civic Center" in conjunction with KALA, Berkeley, CA
         -  "Scapes" Paul Mahder Gallery, San Francisco, CA
         -  "Introductions 2012 CA Realists" ArtZone 461 Gallery, San Francisco, CA
         -  "Introductions" Selby Fleetwood Gallery, Santa Fe
         -  "Painting Only" Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA
2011  -  "Introductions" Pryor Fine Art, Atlanta, GA
2010  -  "Cimmerian Muse: Exploring The Gesters Of The Mind" Nieto Fine Art, San Francisco CA
         -  "The Figure Now" Fontbonne University Fine Arts Gallery, St.Lois, MO. Juried by Sofie Jodoin,          Alex Kanevsky and Nicholas Uribe
2009  -  "Basic" Paul Mahder Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2008  -  Two Artists Show, Paule Anglim Gallery, San Francisco, CA
         -  Franklin Bowles Gallery
2007  -  Loyola National Works on Paper, Crown Center Gallery Loyola University of Chicago. Juried by         Dan Addington, Director of Gwenda Jay/Addington Gallery, Chicago IL
         -  Northern National Art Competition. Juried by Allan Peterson, Nicolett College, WI
         -  Micaela Gallery: "Salon d'Ete 2007", San Francisco
         -  Rotunda Gallery, USF School of Law, curated by Saiko Matsumaru. San Francisco, CA
         -  Franklin Bowles Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2006  -  SFMOMA Artists Gallery: "Finding the Figure", San Francisco, CA
         -  Franklin Bowles Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2005  -  "Closer": Barbara Anderson Gallery, Berkeley, CA   
         -  20th Annual Conservatory Art Classic. Juried by Tony Eubanks, Clifton, TX
         -  Micaela Gallery: "Salon d'Ete 2005", San Francisco
         -  "Dimensions 2005" 40th National Exhibition. Juried by Phillip Koch, Winston-Salem, NC
         -  Yerba Buena Center for the Arts: Visual Aid at 16, San Francisco, CA
         -  San Diego Art Institute: 48th International Exhibition. Juried by Derrick C. Cartwright, Director of         San Diego Museum of Art
         -  "Erotic Art Show" Market Street Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2004  -  Blue Room Gallery, San Francisco, CA
         -  "Works on Paper" Barbara Anderson Gallery, Berkeley, CA
         -  ARTWALK at the Embarcadero Center, curated by ArtSpan, San Francisco, CA
2003  -  "SPICE" Catharine Clark Gallery. Visual Aid Artists, San Francisco, CA
         -  San Diego Art Institute: 46th International Exhibition, San Diego, CA
2002  -  Vorpal Gallery: "Beaux & Eros", San Francisco, CA
2001  -  SFMOMA Artists Gallery 4 Artist Show, San Francisco, CA
         -  Vorpal Gallery: "The Year 2001- Art Odyssey", San Francisco, CA
1999  -  Museum of American Illustration: SPD Gala Annual, New York, NY
         -  Art Expo: Finalists of the Art Calendar Magazine's Competition, New York, NY
         -  James E. Lewis Museum of Art, Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD
         -  Sloane Gallery, Denver, CO
1997  -  Springfield Art Museum: Watercolor USA Honor Society, 6th Biennial Exhibition
         -  "Maryland Artists" Government House, Annapolis, MD
         -  Lancaster Museum of Art: "Creating Women", Lancaster, PA
1996  -  Eastern New Mexico University: "Form and Metaphor" Hodson Gallery:
         -  "Made in the USA", Hood College, Frederick, MD
1995  -  Regional Mid-Atlantic Watercolor Exhibition, Baltimore, MD 1994
         -  Zenith Gallery, Washington D.C.
1993  -  New York City Public Library: SPD Gala Annual, New York, NY
         -  Galerie Francoise, Green Spring, MD
1992  -  Zimmerly Art Museum: Norton Dodge Collection of Soviet Art, Rutgers University, NJ

Selected Publications

2017  -  American Art Collector
2015  -  Studio Visit Magazine, Volume 28
         -  ATLANTAN / Modern Luxury, February 2015, Atlanta GA
         -  Milieu Magazine, Atlanta GA
2014  -  The Art Of The Portrait, Journal of the Portrait Society of America, issue # 65, page 11
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2008  -  7x7 San Francisco Magazine: "Watch This Space" by Christine Ryan. November Issue, p.120
2005  -  46th Annual Communication Arts, p.107
2004  -  Green Mountain Review: Cover, Vol. XVII, No. 2
2003  -  Baltimore Magazine: "A Selection of Contemporary Russian Artwork" by John Lewis,
         -  February Issue pp. 122-123
2001  -  BOA Editions Limited: Cover for Parphenope by Michael Waters
2000  -  NY Times Book Review Cover: "Thus Spake Beowulf" February 27th
1999  -  BOA Editions Limited: Cover for Dusty Angel by Michael Blumenthal
1997  -  "Painting Composition" Rockport Publishers: Award of Distinction
         -  The Best of Watercolor 2" Rockport Publishers: Award of Distinction
         -  Intelligencer Journal "Happenings", March Issue: "Bold or Fractured, Images From Women's         Selves" by Jennifer Knopf. Cover Story on "Creating Women", Lancaster Museum of Art, PA
1996  -  Frederick Gazette: "Six Very Good Reasons To See "Made in the USA by Richard Lebhers on the     Exhibition of Selected Former Russian Artists
1995  -  The Artist's Magazine: "Rising Watercolor Stars" by Bebe Raupe, October Issue pp. 60-65. Art         Review featuring the top winners from 10 of North America's most prominent Watercolor Societies
1993  -  The Baltimore Sun March 11: "Zolotnitskys Blend Humor and Grimness, Go Figure" by John
   Dorsey. Art Review on the two-person exhibition at Galerie Francoise, Baltimore, MD
1992  -  The Columbia Flier December 17th: "Two Russians make their points at CAC"
             by Mark Giuliano on a two-person exhibition at Columbia Arts Center, Washington D.C.

Museum Collections

             Norton Dodge Collection of Soviet Art at Zimmerly Art Museum, Rutgers University, NJ
             COCA - COLA CO, Atlanta, GA