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Daughter in Law

Babayewa, Oguljeren
paintings and graphics
The Lighthouse

Brown, Teresa Mae
I love to capture the essence of a feeling and moment in my work. Illustration is a wonderful playland full of opportunities to portray life in progress. There are so many wonderful techniques to choose from as an illustrator. My present work is in watercolors and carbothello drawings.

To Save the Day

Buckelew, Kate
I have been painting for 20 years and have a BFA from California College of the Arts.  My most recent work examines childhood, using cultural archetypes, replicated and patterned over the composition.  Through these characters I explore the difficult passage into maturity and greater self-understanding.
Warrior Woman I

Calica, Holly
Maintaining traditional culture in this world is increasingly important to me.  My art expressions--written, visual, dance and music--are inspired by the beauty and the strength of all beings to live fully despite the challenges and obstacles presented by life.


Fischer, Marin
Color is, and has always been, the primary focus of my awareness, whether awake or in dreams. In my work, I try to convey my impression of the physical and emotional impact of light and color reflected from smooth and textured surfaces onto the eye.
Red and Blue

Frolov, Yury
Yury studied Design at the Institute of Art and Industrial Design in Moscow. He received his Masters Degree in 1983. Yury was a 1991 recipient of the prestigious Krasner-Pollock Foundation art grant and a winner of How Magazine's International Design Competition for 1997. Yury lives in San Francisco, California.


Ganenko, Tatyana
Proceeds from the sales will go to sponsor Sunset Youth Orchestra programs.
In the Garden

Gilbert, Beverly
My work includes acrylic abstracts and plein aire landscape drawings.  I paint with transparent fluid acrylics poured directly onto the canvas.   Affiliations: El Cerrito Art Association.


Heinemann, Nancy
The inspiration for my painting is drawn from my imagination, my travels, and the intimate observation of master works of art. The images I create are an expression of the subconscious desire to give visual reality to the dreams of the soul.

Kaya, Yasuko
Born in Japan. Graduated from California College of Arts and Craft in BFA Painting. I have been rediscovering the energy to be one with the Universe, through expressing my inner eye's nature painting.

Light & Shadow

Landau, Beryl
Beryl Landau calls her work "symbolic landscape". The acrylic paintings depict geographical places but evoke inner feelings. Each landscape draws the viewer into a particular space and mood.
View from the Morada

Madore, Julia
Julia Irvine Madore paints mostly outside in Northern California, on the coast of Maine, and around Taos, New Mexico. Creating art is the delicious result of exploring who she is. She loves to paint the incredible beauty of the natural world.

Evidence Exposed

Malloy, Maggie
STATEMENT I have been art making since 1994 and work primarily in Ceramic Sculpture, Printmaking and Painting. I have been involved in and have a studio at Hunter's Point Shipyard, an Artist Community in San Francisco since 2002. See BIO below for my art history.

Mary Silverwood, Dian's Art Collection:
Artist Mary Silverwood was a renowned and published landscape and figurative pastel artist. As a studio artist she actively photographed and "painted" the Sonoma County and the greater Southwest, eventually settling in New Mexico. Santa Fe galleries, and many collectors revere her talent and her brilliant use of color.


Matinian, Irina

Novikov, Alexander
Alexander V. Novikov was born in 1955 in Kazan (Russia). Since 1980 Alexander has been combining his own creative work with teaching children at the Art School.

Fruit-Of-The-Loam #6

Seidel, Judy
The transformation process is an on-going theme for me. I am often drawn to weathered, aged surfaces. They suggest hidden beauty, dimension, evocative shapes. I apply layers of acrylic with cardboard or palette knives, then sand through the layers to bring out background colors and shapes.
Australian Blue and the Chinese Cleaver

Tamez, Sonia
Sonia Tamez is an East Bay watercolor painter who has lived and worked throughout the world, more recently in the US West. Her life and art are informed by her work with diverse communities and environmental issues.

Being Grateful Doesn’t Make You Not  Wish For More, But It Does Keep You Aware of Your Blessings Hair: (Give Thanks For What You’ve Got)

Turner, Karin
Karin Turner, residing and creating in Oakland, CA specializes in the ever-appealing diverse spectrum of African American images. Her brightly colored original acrylic and watercolor paintings, are quickly gaining notice for their individuality as well as their bold and  optimistically titled imagery.
Rear View

Uffre, Orlonda
I'm most inspired by imagery from my mother's Caribbean cultural traditions and from the aesthetic paradigms that are part of the African Diaspora. My current series of paintings focuses on the conceptual aspects of Caribbean based spirituality.

October in the Orchard

Zevallos, Mariella
My paintings are a mixture of real and imaginary images that reveal my connection to nature and people. Color is a key component in my work. Mainly I use acrylics and I love to incorporate into my work images of my own photos in either collage or photo transfer techniques.

We wish all of you happiness and success!
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