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Mother and Child

Babayewa, Oguljeren
paintings and graphics

Brown, Teresa Mae
I love to capture the essence of a feeling and moment in my work. Illustration is a wonderful playland full of opportunities to portray life in progress. There are so many wonderful techniques to choose from as an illustrator. My present work is in watercolors and carbothello drawings.

Landscape 1: copying Monet

Calica, Holly
Maintaining traditional culture in this world is increasingly important to me.  My art expressions--written, visual, dance and music--are inspired by the beauty and the strength of all beings to live fully despite the challenges and obstacles presented by life.
The Last Buffalo

Fischer, Marin
Color is, and has always been, the primary focus of my awareness, whether awake or in dreams. In my work, I try to convey my impression of the physical and emotional impact of light and color reflected from smooth and textured surfaces onto the eye.

Red Tunnel

Frolov, Yury
Yury studied Design at the Institute of Art and Industrial Design in Moscow. He received his Masters Degree in 1983. Yury was a 1991 recipient of the prestigious Krasner-Pollock Foundation art grant and a winner of How Magazine's International Design Competition for 1997. Yury lives in San Francisco, California.
Viansa Winery, Il Porcellino

Gilbert, Beverly
My work includes acrylic abstracts and plein aire landscape drawings.  I paint with transparent fluid acrylics poured directly onto the canvas.   Affiliations: El Cerrito Art Association.

The Big M

Kimball, Mike
Mike Kimball is an artist living and working in Santa Fe, NM, and is the progenitor of the "Nuevo Geo" visual style.
What the Seagulls Saw - the Mediterranean Series

Paesch, Luna
Woodcut, large drawings, figurative Ceramic sculpture, stone sculpture

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