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Goldfish 3 Color Gum

Gomes, Anne
Much of my recent work is printed in historic photo processes, platinum, palladium, and kallitype. I find these processes produce the kind of imagery I am drawn to, particularly the long tonal range that can be achieved.  I photograph landscapes and still lifes.
San Francisco at night

Magaloni, Fabian
A Bay Area Fine Art photographer experienced in architecture photography, group and individual photographs in all age groups, jewelry catalogs, event photography, repairing, correcting, and enhancing digital images, teaching adults in multimedia subjects.

Devotion to Lady of Guadalupe©

Zevallos, Mariella
My paintings are a mixture of real and imaginary images that reveal my connection to nature and people. Color is a key component in my work. Mainly I use acrylics and I love to incorporate into my work images of my own photos in either collage or photo transfer techniques.

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