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TheArthur Wright
You can tell that I am convinced by MesArt's viability. My advice is to buy into this growing concept.

Lisa Bollinger provides an opportunity to simplify the process of exposing my work to the public.

Robert Huckaby
MesArt is a great art community resource and I truly recommend it to all artists and artisans.

Gerald Perkins
MesArt is a wonderful thing to happen to an up and coming artist like myself!

Toby Tover-Krein
Your website is a fabulous tool for artists and I hope that more people avail themselves of your services.

If you have a friend who is a fine artist, consider letting them know about MesArt. If you are already a member, we have a program which rewards you for referring new clients.

List and sell your art at the most popular art hosting service on the Internet. We were rated #1 art hosting by Google, Yahoo, Bing, and in the past by MSN and AOL. MesArt is also #1 in Google's "artist listing" category, which includes over 8,500,000 web pages.

Examples of MesArt-powered art websites: gallery org, artist gallery, artist studio, portfolio.

Our Packages                 


Up to 45 artworks
Only $10/month

Step-By-Step Instructions

Mail-in form (Part I)
Mail-in form (Part II)

Artist Studio     

Full template website

Up to 1000 artworks

your mailing list

Only $15/month

Step-By-Step Instructions

Mail-in form (Part I)
Mail-in form (Part II)


Open Studio/Art Fair

A special offer for artists from

MesArt to local, state, national

and international Open Studio and

Art Fair communities to

exhibit their art on our site.

Up to 9 artworks

Price: FREE

FREE Note: accounts are limited

to a given Open

Studio/Art Fair period.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Mail-in form for Open Studio/Art Fair

Artist Gallery (Full Website)

Full website uniquely designed

for you and hosted by MesArt.

Unlimited artworks

your mailing list

Only $20/month

Setup: $600

Mail-in form (Part I)
Mail-in form (Part II)

California Open Studios Calendar

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   Lobby   Open 
 Portfolio  Artist 
Unlimited Updates
Number of artworks 1 9 45 1000 Unlimited
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Link to Own Website
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Career & Exhibitions Statement  
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Judith Greathouse success story

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Art Fairs/Open Studios Portfolio Artist Studio Artist Gallery
A special offer for artists
Up to 9 Artworks. FREE
Our premiere online art
exhibition venue for artists
Up to 45 Artworks
Full template website
Up to 1000 Artworks
Full website uniquely
designed for you

Unlimited artworks
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We wish all of you happiness and success!
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