Ron Carter

  Music by the Extraordinary Artist - J. Scott  
  Artist and Founder of PureGameMusic and Consortuimhouse records, both organizations are dedicated to the furtherance of the flow that is a fusion of: Jazz, Dancehall, R&B, Hip-Hop, Rap and Soul music.  
  The Art of D. Conliffe  
  A true artist and a talent that cannot be denied!
Power and passion are coupled with desire and a dedication to processes that are meticulous in nature.

His work will move you...

You would do well to check it out...
His work is impeccable and his talent unrivaled
Commissioned pieces in various media are his forte'...
He will have something for you that will awaken the passion of art within you, or he can make it for you!
  The Art of J. Austin  
  His art speaks for itself...
His work crosses numerous boundaries and can piss you off or make you grin from ear to ear.
You take away from his work, the baggage to bring to travel light!

Like it, Love it, Live it...
His talent is immeasurable
And his work is available
Through him you will love art all over again...
Purchase is required....
  Black Vines Event  
  A sampling of Black Owned Winery vintages presented in conjunction with diverse and unique artworks from the Bay Area.  
  My partner website on Black Art in America  
  Black Art In America (BAIA) is the leading online social network focused on African-American art. BAIA provides member artists with global exposure by connecting them to collectors, arts enthusiasts, arts institutions and professionals. Black Art In America (BAIA) has received over 4 million page views from 180 countries and has a weekly reach on Facebook that exceeds 1 million each week, allowing the global arts market to become familiar with work from BAIA artists and the exchange of thought within our online community.  
  My partner site on Exhibition Nest  
  Exhibition Nest is an online gallery for artists.  
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