Anita Toney
 Last Year (2021-22)
 New Work (2019-2021)
 Coast Walk (2017-2019)
 Bright Moments (2015-2021)
 California Scenes (2011-2020)
 In Peru (2014)
 French Connections (2009-10)
 Coast Walk (2007-8)
 Midsummer Dreams (2006-7)
 Bay Area (2005-6)
 California Triptychs III (2003-4)
 Last Summer (2003)
 Seasons (2001-2)
 World Views (1995-2002)
 Euro Routes (2000)
 California Triptychs II (1998-2000)
 Fairfax Inside and Out (1997)
 California Triptychs I (1989-1992)
 The Journey Home (1993)
 Etching Process
 Multiple plate process


Anita Toney's multiple plate color etchings are distinctive for their richness of color and attention to detail.

The inspiration for her images comes from an appreciation of her surroundings inside and out, near and far while focusing on a certain mood or moment.

Her work surveys scenes from her life in California as well as following her on travels to Europe and other parts of the United States.

Her etchings are original pieces of artwork conceived and executed completely by the artist. Each etching is hand printed by the artist at her studio in Fairfax, California.

These etchings are available for sale. Contact to the artist can be made by clicking below and leaving her a message through this website.
If you are interested in learning more about the artist, please contact:
Anita Toney
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