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My love of abstract painting and passion for color were my central focus for many years. I created abstract work, interested primarily in creating rich, evocative, color saturated, surfaces.

In 2010 I began a series of ocean paintings that seemed like an abrupt departure for me.  For a while I seemed to go back and forth between the two kinds of paintings.  This was personally confusing to me until I realized that what I was dealing with in both was the tension between the surface and what lies beneath the surface.

When I started the series I called  "White Out" I felt as if it was really a new beginning--whiting out, starting over.  The pieces are reminiscent of oceans, rivers and frozen landscapes.  Do they show the remnants of past mistakes, wrong turns, time past?  Or do they reveal things to come and hidden and unknown potential?  

I now see those white paintings as another transition.  My work got messier, thicker, more highly textured, with a more muted color palette.  The layering, covering and then revealing continued in a more dramatic way as I seemed to still be looking for and wanting to find something hidden, unknown, unconscious, lost, or not yet emerged.

My most recent paintings are mixed media pieces.  I see both the "rubbing" with which they begin, and the silver that dominates them as having risen, perhaps unconsciously, from an internally reflective period and an increasing awareness of how the present borrows from and is continuous with the past.

I welcome you to explore this site.  Please be sure to go to the "links" page and click on the ProArts Gallery link where you can see a slide show of work from 2016.

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