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2/11, Ritual of Myth Making: Reclaim
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Nancy Tubbs

January 10, 2023    

Root Division presents:

Ritual of Myth Making: Reclaim

Feb. 10 - Mar. 20, 2023 with events Feb. 10, 11 + Mar. 14, San Francisco CA


Root Division presents Ritual of Myth Making: Reclaim, curated by Katherin Canton & Mariana Moscoso.

Ritual of Mythmaking: Reclaim is an invitation to participate in ceremony. The exhibition will take viewers on a journey through time and space, exploring multiple Indigenous pasts, presents, and futures, resulting in a collective cycle of healing that embraces beauty, death, release, and abundance.

Myth making and ritual are central to Indigenous cosmology. These practices expand across time and space from Turtle Island to Abya Yala (the Western Hemisphere), becoming tools for collective liberation that (re)imagine and (re)create the world we live in. Through myth making, narratives are created and shifted that change self, community, and culture.

The artworks featured and co-created with community members are one of the many ways Indigenous Past (Indigenous Traditions) and Future (Indigenous Futurism) are merged, highlighting the hybrid forms of existing Indigenous people, both locally in California and across the world. Ritual of Myth Making: Reclaim centers healing, creates expansiveness, and offers visions of the future for Indigenous peoples.


Polaris Castillo
Sonia Conguache Rancho
Sean Guerra
Tz'utu Kan
Rusby Marisol Tum Xinico
Hoi-Fei Mok
Xav S-F and Daniel Arizmendi/Snowflake Calvert
Xicha Sagrada
Shreya Shankar
Alvaro Tzaj Yotz

Community opening ceremony: (2 Aq'ab'al) Fri Feb 10, 2023 l 4-6 pm
Second Saturday opening reception: (3 K'at) Feb 11, 2023 l 6-8 pm
Community Closing Reception: (8 Tz'ikin) Tues Mar 14, 2023 l 4-6 pm

Feb. 10 - Mar. 20, 2023 with events Feb. 10, 11 + Mar. 14

Root Division
1131 Mission St.
San Francisco CA, 94103


Phone: 415-863-7668
Contact: Frances Fleetwood

About Root Division:
A visual arts non-profit that connects creativity & community through a dynamic ecosystem of arts education, exhibitions & studios. We empower artists, foster community service, inspire youth, & enrich the Bay Area through engagement in the visual arts. We are a launching pad for artists, a stepping stone for educators and students, and a bridge for the general public to become art supporters.
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