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MesArt Original Art Collection
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. LONYA's Music Lesson

Music Lesson
   . LONYA

Nicolo Sertorio's Red Cloud

Red Cloud
   Nicolo Sertorio

Bonnie Randall Boller's Abundance

   Bonnie Randall Boller

Brij Raj Goel's She left in december

She left in december
   Brij Raj Goel

Remarque Loy & Dana Kawano's Kuanyin Spirit of Healing

Kuanyin Spirit of Healing
   Remarque Loy & Dana Kawano

Sharlena Wood's Entering the Burnt Forest

Entering the Burnt Forest
   Sharlena Wood

Andrew Ogus's Angel(s) and Demons 8

Angel(s) and Demons 8
   Andrew Ogus

Woody Miller's The Story of Us

The Story of Us
   Woody Miller

sonal goyal's 25point sometwo

25point sometwo
   sonal goyal

Victor Klusho's Flowers in the bloom-1

Flowers in the bloom-1
   Victor Klusho

Andrew Ogus's Castor and Pollux 22

Castor and Pollux 22
   Andrew Ogus

Tia Bailey's The Burden Is Mine To Bear

The Burden Is Mine To Bear
   Tia Bailey


Red Skull

Susan Brady's Plan for a Vacation

Plan for a Vacation
   Susan Brady

Jared Carpenter's Staying The Course

Staying The Course
   Jared Carpenter

Jared Carpenter's Finding Home In Yourself

Finding Home In Yourself
   Jared Carpenter

leonard phillips's without controll and desire

without controll and desire
   leonard phillips

Jared Carpenter's Set To Eastern Time

Set To Eastern Time
   Jared Carpenter

Milan Andrejic's Mortal Voyage

Mortal Voyage
   Milan Andrejic

Peter Olson's The Women of Main Street

The Women of Main Street
   Peter Olson

Shelly Slaton's The Runner

The Runner
   Shelly Slaton

Scott Miller's Modular

   Scott Miller

Cody Stout's zooloo

   Cody Stout

Maryly Snow's My Life As An Artist

My Life As An Artist
   Maryly Snow

Mikhail Roshnyak's Mew Horizons

Mew Horizons
   Mikhail Roshnyak

Richard Larson's Translation and Transformation

Translation and Transformation
   Richard Larson

Greg Harris's The Neck

The Neck
   Greg Harris

Greg Harris's glimpse

   Greg Harris

Yuriy Averkin's Venetian vase, murano glass, original masterpiece by top-master SCHIAVON Massimiliano, Venice Murano

Venetian vase, murano glass, original masterpiece by top-master SCHIAVON Massimiliano, Venice Murano
   Yuriy Averkin

James Paul Thompson, Ed.D.'s Family Tree

Family Tree
   James Paul Thompson, Ed.D.

leonard phillips's the delicate thread of life

the delicate thread of life
   leonard phillips

Jared Carpenter's Red Frames Never Get Burnt

Red Frames Never Get Burnt
   Jared Carpenter

Bill Christensen's flying fish

flying fish
   Bill Christensen

Éric Aubertin's Tape art no 30

Tape art no 30
   Éric Aubertin

Peter Olson's The Avenue

The Avenue
   Peter Olson

melissa merriweather's Shoe Shine

Shoe Shine
   melissa merriweather

Patrick Elliott's Inside A note

Inside A note
   Patrick Elliott

Tomas Och's Green Tree GT0012YC

Green Tree GT0012YC
   Tomas Och

Janet Jones's Vessels #4

Vessels #4
   Janet Jones

Lina Egutkina's Who's better, who's faster...

Who's better, who's faster...
   Lina Egutkina

Debbie Fimrite's Barbie's vampire little sister

Barbie's vampire little sister
   Debbie Fimrite

Mikhail Roshnyak's Arable Land

Arable Land
   Mikhail Roshnyak

Christopher D's Untitled Flyboy #67

Untitled Flyboy #67
   Christopher D

April Anthony's Single Fire

Single Fire
   April Anthony

Mikhail Roshnyak's New Day

New Day
   Mikhail Roshnyak

Jared Carpenter's The Middle Son

The Middle Son
   Jared Carpenter

Tammy C. Morris's Louisiana Boathouse

Louisiana Boathouse
   Tammy C. Morris

Peggy Huff's Lines 3/17/20

Lines 3/17/20
   Peggy Huff

Patricia Zemanek's Heart Flight

Heart Flight
   Patricia Zemanek

Kevin Keul's The House

The House
   Kevin Keul

Debie Tregidgo's golden light

golden light
   Debie Tregidgo

Kay Weber's The Guide

The Guide
   Kay Weber

Travis Miller's Mother Earth

Mother Earth
   Travis Miller

Lawrence Riley's Caravan Monk

Caravan Monk
   Lawrence Riley

Mery McNett's Nude Crawling

Nude Crawling
   Mery McNett

Thomas Carrieri's Elemental Fear

Elemental Fear
   Thomas Carrieri

Paula deJoie's Kaibab

   Paula deJoie

Mikhail Roshnyak's Arkaim South Wind

Arkaim South Wind
   Mikhail Roshnyak

melissa merriweather's They Live As We Do

They Live As We Do
   melissa merriweather

Carol Shapiro's equations

   Carol Shapiro

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