Jack Jacobson

Born 1936 in London, England. Resident of San Francisco since 1969.

Willesden Technical College, London, and
Northern Polytechnic School of Architecture, London

Open Studios SF: 1997-2009.
Pacific Art League exhibition 2004
Elderarts exhibitions 2004,2005.
Solo show, Reverie Cafe, SF. 2004
Solo show, Sacred Grounds Cafe, SF. 2007.
Solo show, La Boulange de Cole, SF. 2008.
Solo show, The Sequoias, SF. 2009.
Falkirk Institute exhibition 2009.
College of Marin exhibition 2009.
SF Art Academy exhibition 2009.
Los Angeles Printmaking Society exhibition 2009.

Throughout my life I have been preoccupied with the environment, both natural and man-made. As a very young boy growing up in a small country town I spent much of my free time in the woods creating shelters by enhancing existing hollow spaces under shrubbery, weaving in extra branches and twigs- not unlike the way birds and the other denizens created their homes. Years later during my architectural career I became more and more concerned with, and disillusioned by, all the generic cloned boxes that were being erected around the planet, obliterating the great architecture of the past. Admittedly there are some modern gems but they are generally the exception to this trend. And so, old world architecture has become increasingly precious to me with the passing of time, providing my early work as a printmaker with a focus and a theme, that of paying homage to those grand old structures.  However, more recently I have been amused by and have been portraying the undulating reflected images in many of those modern glass boxes,- searching for and finding the abstract in the real.

© Jack Jacobson. All rights reserved.
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