Celia Taupin

My art work starts with an intuitve choice of a color and a desire to make a certain movement. I feel it from the bottom of my feet all the way up to my fingers.

Similar to awareness meditiation, each moment leads to the next-- the next color, the next movement.  As the work takes form, my mind often notices that the emerging theme is familiar: the procreative magic in nature or a feeling which needs expression.
Sexual and procreative energy is often a theme-eggs, seeds, juices full of nutrients, cells brimming with energetic organisms. I marvel at life and at death! The growth of multiplying cells can be a blessing in a tomato or a curse in a tumor.  Perhaps that is why many people say my work has a spiritual meaning.

Often there are overlapping areas and in some paintings, several realities revealed at the same time. Earth, sea, sky. Over my four decades of art making, sometimes abstraction rules and at others surreal images come to the surface. My own dream/ myths emerge. I find consciousness, memory, and dreams all quite mystifying and intriquing.   
Although my work is not feminist in the sense of a social commentary, it is imbued with female energy. I am a woman making art, honoring body, food and fire.

I love to cook for people, make music and dance together.  My friends and I have been meeting once a week for twenty three years to eat  soup and bread and make music.  My art surrounds the scene and the music gets into the art-- the deep thumps of the drum, the delicate turn of a flutes’  melody, the precision of chords on the guitar, the brash insistence of the saxaphone. At best, it all fits together in an organic whole, making a unique event.  That’s what I hope for each art work, too.

© Celia Taupin. All rights reserved.
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