Mary Ann Leff

I have become interested lately in the interaction between creation and destruction, noticing how aging, change and the loss of what was can reveal more possibility, new subtlety and new beauty. The vibrant color that dominated my work for many years has receded in importance and it is texture and complexity that I find more meaningful and compelling.  

Many of my current and recent pieces began with graphite rubbings taken from the highly textured surfaces of my older paintings.  I like the sense of continuity that this implies--that each work is a product of the past and what came before it.  It’s a pretty wonderful idea, too, that something new can be created by “rubbing” (by being next to, close to, pressed up into, by borrowing and developing from) without harming or destroying what preceded it

I see the silver that dominates many of these paintings as reminiscent of, or a metaphor for, a mirror’s (silver-backed) reflection, and wonder if, in a way, they are a kind of self-portrait.  Reflecting my state of mind as I paint and my own internal reflections, the paintings become projections of that state onto the viewer and the viewer’s projection back.  Some of the pieces change when looked at from different angles just as no one moment or angle of perspective fully represents an experience.

I have personally been looking at life from different angles in this last year and a half or so.  In a time of grief and personal loss, a time of experiencing feelings of sadness, helplessness, hope, and uncertainty, I am struggling to find silver linings.

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