Stephen E. Gibson
Artist Resume 2011

Getting Creative Between the Sheets: the Au Lit Movement

Is there a more intimate place anywhere in our homes than the spot where we retreat to replenish our resources and revive, and where our dreams themselves are spun?

Due to the vagaries of ill health, I'd been painting from the comfort and security of my bed for years before I realized I'd given traction to a movement that went back to painters as diverse as Matisse and Kahlo. Those fragile luminaries took to their beds, too, but couldn't resist the need to unleash their inner visions onto the canvas. The works they produced reflected the intimacy of their environs: smaller, more contained and encompassed – rich refractions of inner striving taking shape in the chamber that fired the painters’ dreams.

Painting in bed became the milieu of my artistic process, my tools within easy reach, a splash of pigment on the bedclothes nothing to worry about. Comfort and curation, rest and reflection, this unnamed movement demanded an appellation so I gave it one: au lit. Born of necessity, au lit painting refined and reshaped my process and creative output and informs the work you see on each canvas.

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