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Greetings everyone,

I view art as a reflection of the individual – not just the artist, but for the collector as well. When I paint from the heart, I paint not only for myself, but for others to find some connection with the subject matter and my own perception of the wonders of the world.

No matter my subject matter, all my art has one thing in common. I’m always experimenting with color and perception - trying to find the perfect match of color and emotion to present the best expression of what I see.

The power of color to affect our senses is a fascinating process for me. It starts in nature. We are moved when we watch the sunrise, not simply because the simple movement of the sun - which happens all day - but because of the dramatic splashes of color that bathe us in their light and move something deep within us in response.

In the same way, I try to apply that philosophy to all my subjects, trying to infuse them with an internal inspiration that elevates them beyond their everyday nature.

My passions can be found in the subjects I choose to explore, including card playing, Las Vegas, landscapes, seascapes, sunsets, still-life and self-portraits among many others.

In particular, I’m drawn to the range of emotions experienced in playing cards, from the fire and passion of a winning streak, to the cool calm of laying low and not giving away your hand. These emotions inspire me to create art for other card lovers who share the same passion, to decorate their homes or card rooms and maybe even bring them a little bit of luck!

Thank you for viewing my artworks!

God Bless!!!!!
Teo Alfonso

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