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Tatiana Lyskova is an artist with a gentle and subtle touch who brings her innermost thoughts and imagination to life. Her world is filled with a diverse cast of characters, including winged lions, house cats, butterflies, birds, angels, and people, each unique and magical in their own way. With scenes of girls catching seagulls with butterfly nets, fairy flowers blooming from children's dreams, and men towering as high as the Tower of Pisa, Tatiana's images serve as a window into our memories, desires, and hopes. Above all, her art inspires joy and wonder, reminding us of the strange, ironic, and beautiful existence that is our own.

For Tatiana, life is a delicate balance between reality and fantasy, rationality and spontaneity, clarity and mystery. The boundary between these extremes is fluid and nearly translucent, with everything intertwined and interdependent. Her inner world of thoughts, dreams, and emotions is just as real as the physical world, and art provides the means for these feelings to take tangible form. Through etching, one of the most complex techniques in printmaking, she captures the subtlest nuances of emotions and the fleeting ethereality of the soul's movements, blending fantasy and everyday life with remarkable accuracy.

The etching process requires a clear and decisive composition, as mistakes on the zinc plate cannot be corrected. However, the spontaneous printing process, particularly the "a la poupee" technique, allows for a degree of improvisation, resulting in vibrant and dynamic compositions that are unique in their color richness and mood.

Tatiana's lines are light, graceful, and elegant, often complemented by bold and confident strokes. Her characters are rendered with delicate silhouettes and backgrounds are filled with intricate linear patterns, with color sometimes restrained and other times exuberant. This balance of ornamentation and substance is what makes her work so captivating.

At first glance, Tatiana's etchings seem simple, featuring one or two figures in an minimally depicted setting. Yet, the lack of detail only adds to the depth and complexity of the work. Unusual perspectives, surprising juxtapositions, and varied compositional elements allow for multiple layers of meaning within a single image. The winged lion, a protector angel, looks after a girl, giving her a sense of security in the harsh realities of life. A woman walks down the road, mismatched stockings and all, trying to shield herself with an umbrella, her silhouette intertwining with the winding road, trees, and a passing house cat.

Tatiana's work often conveys an intangible quality that can only be expressed visually, evoking memories and emotions that are difficult to put into words. Her paintings offer an even greater range of expression and the chance to reinterpret her favorite themes in new ways. Her interests in art history range from the High Renaissance to Art Nouveau, with Gustav Klimt, Marc Chagall, and the Naive Realists among her favorites. While her deep knowledge of art history informs her work, she prefers to find her own solutions and forge her own unique style.

Tatiana Lyskova's work is soulful and lyrical, touching on the emotions that we often keep hidden. Her art provides a valuable opportunity to delve into our innermost feelings and explore them in a safe and imaginative way.

Galina Tuluzakova, Ph.D Art History
Expert in Nicolai Feshin and Contemporary Russian Art
Fulbright Scholar 2003
Deputy Director, The State Fine Arts Museum of
The Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, Russia

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