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  FINE ART:  Painting,  Graphics,  Mixed Media
  Peggy Huff
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Peggy has maintained a studio at Hunters Point Shipyard since 1985 and was a member of the Shipyard Trust for the Arts (STAR) as chair of the Artist-in-Residence program.  She has worked extensively in the San Francisco School District teaching and is currently working  at Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland, California.  
My landscape paintings are inspired from photographs  that I have taken over the past year from road trips to various locations in Northern California and the Central Valley.  I reference  selected photos when I get to the studio and will either begin with thumbnail sketches or layering leftover paints onto a wet paper or canvas before beginning a landscape     Using my hands, rags and brushes, I keep adding and subtracting paints and lines until I am satisfied by  direction  the work is going.  The result is often simply a color field with no resemblance to the original photograph

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