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  FINE ART:  Painting,  Printmaking,  Mixed Media
  Jana Grover
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Artist's Statement

Art has been and continues to be a means of communicating my thoughts, experiences, and feelings about social, emotional, and political dilemmas close to my heart. My work is an ongoing and creative dialogue between myself and the world at large. Continued study and mastery allow me to execute and project images in a professional fashion; however the personal expression and message remain the all-important goals in my work.

Although the figure in many different forms and styles is my main focus, I am very interested in both expressionist and conceptual art that may or may not include the figure. I paint on paper as well as wood and canvas, and often enjoy experimenting with a sculptural, 3-D approach, incorporating metal, wood, and other objects into my pieces. Printmaking is occupying more of my time recently and I enjoy experimenting with the various methods of printing monotypes. I have exhibited in three installation shows, and am interested pursuing that medium as well.
I divide my time between my studio in San Francisco and my studio in New Mexico. I enjoy experiencing the two different art worlds in both states.


2001 New Grounds Print Workshop, Albuquerque, New Mexico
1989-2001 Independent Study with Elaine Badgeley Arnoux
2000 Monoprinting, Sonoma State University, Sonoma
2000 Monoprint workshop at Aurobora Press
1999 San Francisco Art Institute
1999 Monoprint Workshop, Aurobora Press, San Francisco
1998 Monoprint Workshop, Aurobora Press, San Francisco
1996 Art and Antiquity/Painting Retreat, Brittany, France
1992 Figure in Landscape Painting Retreat, Sonoma, California
1989-90 Painting Classes, University of New Mexico
1989 Painting Workshop, Taos, New Mexico
1988 Pastel Workshop, University of California, Santa Cruz
1988 Pastel Class, Fort Mason Art Center, San Francisco
1975 San Francisco State University, M.A. Education
1966 San Jose State University, B.A. Education
1961-63 University of Wyoming


San Francisco, CA, Children's Variety Charity, "The Human Condition", 2004
Mill Valley, CA, Starbucks, "The Ten Crowmandments",2004
San Diego, CA, Kensington Grill, "The Ten Commandments", 2002
Corrales, New Mexico, Indigo Crow, "The Ten Crowmandments", 2001

Marin Art Festival, San Rafael, CA, 2004
Artisans,"Green Tea", Mill Valley, CA, 2004
SOMA Artists, "New Work", San Francisco, 2004
Corrales Studio Tour, Corrales, NM, 2004
San Francisco Open Studios, 1992-2004
Corrales Bosque Gallery, "Amigos", Corrales, NM, 2003
Corrales Studio Tour, Corrales, NM, 2003
San Mateo Centennial Art Show, San Mateo, CA, 2002
Marin Art Festival, San Rafael, CA, 2002
Soma Studios, "Summer Open House", San Francisco, 2002
Corrales Bosque Gallery, "Point and Counterpoint", Corrales, NM, 2002
Bay Model Center, "Journeys", Sausalito, CA, 2002
Corrales Fine Art Show, Corrales, New Mexico, 2001
Somarts Gallery, "Weave Your Story Well", San Francisco, 2001
Galeria Tonantzin, "Women Printmakers", San Juan Batista, 2000
Somarts Gallery, "Women Through the Ages", San Francisco, 2000

SFWA Gallery, Various Shows, San Francisco, 1995-2000
Bridge Gallery, "Works on Paper", San Francisco, 1999
Santa Cruz Art League, 69th Annual Statewide Exhibit, 1999
Space 743, "Concepts", San Francisco, 1999
Corrales Fine Arts Show, Corrales, New Mexico, 1998
Somarts Gallery, "Conception to Perception", San Francisco, 1998
New Mexico Contemporary  97, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1997
Bridge Gallery, "Out Loud and Proud", San Francisco, 1997
Bridge Gallery, "Whispers, The Mystery and Art of Antiquity", San Francisco, 1997
Bridge Gallery, "Extended Vision", San Francisco, 1995
Bay Front Gallery, "We Are All Connected", San Francisco, 1995
Corrales Fine Arts Show, Corrales, New Mexico, 1993
Bridge Gallery, "EBA Artist Studios Exhibition", 1993
Bridge Gallery, "Selected Works by EBA Artists: Monoprint and Sculpture", 1993


2000    Merit Award, SFWA, "Transformations", Juror: Andree Thompson
1999 Honorable Mention Santa Cruz Statewide Exhibit,  Juror: Susan Hillhouse
1999    Merit Award, SFWA, "Summer Mix", Juror:  Janet Jones
1999    Merit Award, SFWA, "Photography and Sculpture", Catherine Merrill
1999    Merit Award, SFWA, "Protest Art", Juror:  Carlos Loarca
1998    Merit Award, SFWA, "On the Road", Juror: Kenjilo Nanao
1998    Merit Award, SFWA, "Through Our Eyes", Juror: Tricia Grame
1998    Merit Award, SFWA, "A Fresh Start", Juror: Anita Toney
1997    Merit Award, SFWA, "Never Too Young", Juror: Helen Stanley
1997    Merit Award, SFWA, Hands and Heart", Juror: James Fisher
1995    Merit Award, SFWA, "Secret Gardens", Juror: Kenjilo Nanao
1993    Merit Award, Corrales Fine Arts Show, Juror: Holly Roberts


Arte Loca Gallery, Bernalillo, NM
Morning Calm Gallery, Corrales, New Mexico
Mowen Solinsky Gallery, Nevada City, CA

Selected Collectors

Diane Armer and Carroll Johnson
Elaine Badgeley/Arnoux
Fred Benz
Sharon Bird
George and Susan Blodgett
Kevin Burke
Liz Charlton
Jane Dahlgren
Anne Dannenberg
John Duffy
C.B. Follett
Tobi Garelick
Emily Girault and Faith Otis
Karen Hastings
Nathan Hamilton
Norah Hernandez
Dr. Ruth Hoddinott
Jeffrey Horowitz
Kimberly Howard
Ann Humphrey
Dan and Susan Kirkham
Shirley Larsen  
Christopher M. Lirely
Desiree Long
Susan Marsch
Pamela Mattos Mendelsohn
R. McCormick and M. Walker
Joan Mendelson
D. Audrey Owen
Joel and Liz Peirano
CJ Peterson
Patricia Pietrzak
Susan Robinson
Linda Rodeck and Amy Gardner
Roberta Salma
Judy Scott
Andrew Scoular
Zence Shmelnik
Thomas Smith
Alice Southwick
Sharon Spencer
Mark Steckle        
Marjorie Thomas
Trudy Vilask
Will Welch
John Williams
Louise McHeyzen Williams
Marcia Morrill Williamson
Suzanne Blessing Wissman
Mike Wolfe
Eileen Wright
Suzanne Ziegler

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