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  FINE ART:  Painting
  Tracy Oliver
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Through my work, I explore perception, color, texture and the mysterious-often transcendent-nature of awareness. After a visit to the Middle East, I was inspired by the brilliant colors of the kilned art in Jerusalem. I studied enamel when I returned, but craved a more fluid working process. Now I'm constantly experimenting with ways to achieve vibrancy without the fire.

Beauty, color and composition are primary. From there, the meaning of my art is created in partnership with the viewer.

Beyond our everyday perception, my work hints at the elements that surround us on levels beyond our normal awareness. On a micro level, we share an atmospheric sea with floating particles of dust made of skin and scales and dragonfly wings, all made iridescent by water molecules and light. On a macro level, to quote the poet, Jean Tooner, we do not posses imagination enough to sense what we are missing.

I studied Psychology at SFSU, Summa cum laude standing and later participated in the MFA workshop.

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