Pauline Crowther Scott
Blustery Weather
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Sadie Acrylic Into the Woods #2 Acrylic Into the Woods #3 Acrylic
Grey Lady with Black Acrylic Passageway Acrylic Entwined Acrylic
Curving Tree Trunk Acrylic Entwine Acrylic Great Blue Heron Acrylic
Turkey Vulture, Yellow Sky Acrylic Sound Waves Acrylic Study for Laguna Honda Trail Acrylic
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Aria: Wandsworth Common Acrylic Prelude Acrylic Tremolo Acrylic
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Sonata Acrylic Redwood & Ferns Acrylic Blue Trees Column 2 Acrylic Romeo & Wings Mixed Media
Siren & Fig Leaves Mixed Media Black Cat & Grasses Mixed Media Romeo's Shadow Mixed Media
Calliope Mixed Media Crypto Mixed Media Dove Tree Mixed Media
Garden Feathers Mixed Media Notation Mixed Media Web Mixed Media
Aloe # 4 Acrylic Aloe #2 Acrylic Succulent Whirls Acrylic Untitled Acrylic
Succulent #5 Acrylic Winged Beings Acrylic Column One Acrylic
Sunset View Mixed Media Bursting Forth Pastel
Guardian Angel Mixed Media Hybrid Growth Mixed Media
Regrowth Mixed Media Dancing Shadows Mixed Media
Flight of Angels Mixed Media Small Panel #1 Acrylic Small Panel #2 Acrylic Small Panel #3 Acrylic
Small Panel #4 Acrylic Small Panel #5 Acrylic Small Panel #6 Acrylic Cat Panel #1 Dreaming Acrylic Cat Panel #2 Prowling Acrylic
Cat Panel #3 Observing Acrylic Cat Panel #4 Playing Acrylic Cat Panel #5 Relaxing Acrylic Cat Panel #6 Listening Acrylic
Cat Panels, set of 6 Acrylic Two Mourning Doves Acrylic
Sparrow Acrylic Foliage Acrylic
Woodland Wraiths Acrylic Kindred Spirits Acrylic Woodland Sprite Acrylic
Spirit of the Ghinko Acrylic Green Paradise Acrylic
Summer Unfurled Acrylic Forest Floor Acrylic
Winter Woodland Acrylic Woodland Sprite (linocut) Linocut Prelude scarf & bag Cloth/Fabric Brain Wave Scarf Cloth/Fabric
Woven Leaves with Gray Cloth/Fabric Woven Leaves print Woodcut Ghostly Haze top Cloth/Fabric Fantasy Forest top Cloth/Fabric
Roots & Branches tote bag Cloth/Fabric Assorted bags Cloth/Fabric Green Paradise leggings Cloth/Fabric
Iris Plate Mixed Media Lines Plate Mixed Media Bruiser the Cat Plate Mixed Media
Rhythomatics Plate Mixed Media Two Finches plate Mixed Media O Canada Mixed Media
Hastings Mixed Media Quilling Plate Mixed Media Garland Plate Mixed Media Macrame Plate Mixed Media
Tile Poem (Set of tiles) Mixed Media Crashing Mixed Media Clear rain Mixed Media
To want Mixed Media UM... Mixed Media Courage Mixed Media
Snatches Mixed Media Tile Poem (latest configuration) Mixed Media What Was I Thinking? Acrylic
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Dreamscape #2 Acrylic Tangled Dreams Acrylic Dreamscape #3 Acrylic Reflection Mixed Media
Cat Among the Buzzards Acrylic Skim Acrylic Ghostly Haze Acrylic
Shadows & Fog Acrylic Gray Dawn Acrylic Overcast Acrylic
Smokestack Acrylic Smoky Dream Acrylic Blustery Weather Linocut
Stacked Houses Mixed Media Gold Church Linocut Versions Linocut
Bridge Span Mixed Media Girders Mixed Media
Structural Growth Mixed Media Under Construction Mixed Media
Bridge Over the City Mixed Media Gateway Mixed Media
Bridge and Fort Acrylic Ghost Leaf Mixed Media
Shadow Leaves Acrylic Grey Leaves Acrylic Layered Leaves Mixed Media
Flowing River Mixed Media Garden View # 2 Mixed Media
Tangled Acrylic Leaf Forms Mixed Media
Fallen Leaf Mixed Media Begonia & Aloe Mixed Media
Aloe # 6 Acrylic Ghinkos # 1 Acrylic Ghinkos # 2 Acrylic
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The Yawn Acrylic Three Cats Acrylic
Sunflowers and Lace and Sammy Acrylic Dudley Mixed Media Shadow Machines Acrylic
Shards (Blue & Yellow) Acrylic Floor Preference Acrylic Portrait of a Vacuum #1 Acrylic Portrait of a Vacuum #2 Acrylic
Shards (Green) Acrylic Ceiling Shadows Acrylic Creation Acrylic
Deckstripes Acrylic Mocha Fudge Almond Acrylic
Skylight Acrylic It's About Time Acrylic Trick of the Light #1 Acrylic
Trick of the Light #3 Mixed Media Trick of the Light #5 Acrylic Trick of the Light #6 Acrylic
Trick of the Light #11 Mixed Media Door Wraith Acrylic Folded & Creased Mixed Media
Collision Mixed Media Guardian Angel Mixed Media Surfaces # 1 Pink Mixed Media
Surfaces #2 Terra cotta Mixed Media Surfaces #3 Key Lime Green Mixed Media Surfaces #4 Mixed Media Flag & Pillow Cloth/Fabric
Radio Waves Cloth/Fabric Spandex Bather Mixed Media Study Time Mixed Media
Blue Seasons - Spring Mixed Media Blue Seasons - Summer Mixed Media Blue Seasons - Fall Mixed Media Blue Seasons - Winter Mixed Media My Family Acrylic
Mantel Piece Acrylic Source and Inspiration Acrylic Small Self-Portrait Acrylic Curtain Call Acrylic
Ghinkos #5 with Ancestors Acrylic It's About Time Again Acrylic Breakfast On the Verandah Mixed Media Self Portrait with Leaves Acrylic
Self Portrait inside a Wall hanging Gouache Reflection Silkscreen Mom in the Garden Colored Ink Sonny Stitt Mixed Media
Redwood Leaves (Forest Floor) Acrylic Fog at Sea Ranch Acrylic Sea Ranch Ocean View Acrylic
Sea Ranch View Pen and Ink Across the meadow Pen and Ink Storm Clouds Over the Bay Acrylic
Tofino, Vancouver Island # 1 Acrylic A Good Week Other
Twelve Columns Other Taking Off Paper Mortivals Other City of Colorful Dreams Mixed Media
Hummer in Flight (Blue) Acrylic Hummer in Flight Acrylic Pink Parchment Mixed Media Tendrils Acrylic
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Neurons # 3 Acrylic Neurons # 4 Acrylic Neurons # 5 Acrylic Peaks and Spires Linocut
In the Neighborhood Mixed Media Frondescence Mixed Media Column of Reflections Mixed Media
Chloe & the Butterfly Acrylic Sadie and Bruiser Acrylic Bruiser and Sam Watercolor
English Triptych Acrylic Redwood Bark Acrylic
2358MRKT Gallery, January 2023 Acrylic 2358MRKT Gallery view, January 2023 Acrylic Women Rising Show at 780 Valencia, March 2022 Mixed Media
Winter Woodland at Art Attack Gallery 2019 Acrylic Sanctuary Show at Arc Gallery, 2019 Acrylic Art Attack Gallery, 2018 Acrylic
Tendrils & Wraiths, 2017 Mixed Media Collector Art Gallery, Berkeley. 2015 Acrylic Tile Poem Installation, 2015 Mixed Media
Fog City Series, Inclusions Gallery 2014 Acrylic Expanded Works Show 2013 Acrylic Themes & Variations Show 2012 Mixed Media
At the Themes & Variations Show, 2012 Mixed Media Inclusions 3, 2011 Acrylic Perceptions Show at Somarts 2005 Acrylic
Perceptions Show at Somarts 2005 Acrylic Perceptions Show at Somarts 2005 Acrylic
Blustery Weather
  11 x 17 in
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Structures Series

Linoleum print of a church spire on a hand printed background.  Swirling winds, clouds, blacks, browns and oranges.

Mixed Media and Linoleum Prints on Paper

After a series of works based on plants in my garden I have recently been looking beyond my own surroundings to the larger vistas and neighborhoods of the city of San Francisco.   Initially inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge 75th anniversary in 2012,  I worked on a series of structural images which became the ???Structures??? series.  The first ones were abstract impressions of bridges and girders, but each new one seemed to get closer to my own neighborhood of Bernal Heights with suggestions of hillsides and houses.

   These works are multi-layered, each one beginning with an abstract layer of acrylic paint.  When dry, masking tape or stencils (or liquid frisket) are applied, then another layer of paint. After removing the stencils, I sketch in or emphasize shapes with pencil and finally flesh out the details with color pencils, ???art stix??? or markers.  
   I began bringing my camera with me on local walks, taking photos of houses within a few blocks of mine. A corner house in south east Bernal became the inspiration for a linoleum print (originally as a demo for an art class workshop) and this became one of the motifs for my most recent mixed media works.
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