Noriko Kawamoto
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More 'Desert Rose' by Noriko Kawamoto
Peony marquise Silver/Sterling Fiesta Flowers Silver/Sterling Penstemon-Poppy Silver/Sterling Coreopsis Silver/Sterling
Delphinium Silver/Sterling Kangaroo Paws Silver/Sterling Garden Party Silver/Sterling Khaki Silver/Sterling
Fuchsia fantasy Silver/Sterling Costa Azul Silver/Sterling Fiesta Silver/Sterling
Autumnal Circles Gold Autumn Oak Gold Sunset Fringe Gold Tourmaline lotus Silver/Sterling
Liquen fuerte Silver/Sterling Perla y liquen Silver/Sterling Fuchsia arabesque Silver/Sterling Golden arabesque Silver/Sterling
Dark flame Silver/Sterling Heart Fan Silver/Sterling Luna waterfall Silver/Sterling Cielo Silver/Sterling
Jet Maria Silver/Sterling Elegantissima Other Blue Sky Silver/Sterling Amazonite stilletos Silver/Sterling
Rain Drops Silver/Sterling Sea Baubles Silver/Sterling Blue Blues Silver/Sterling Aqua Foil Silver/Sterling
Clarisse Silver/Sterling Dewdrop Silver/Sterling Phacelia Silver/Sterling
Mezzaluna Silver/Sterling Cascada Dulce Silver/Sterling Simplicity Silver/Sterling Solus I Silver/Sterling
Solus II Silver/Sterling SF fog Silver/Sterling Uva Silver/Sterling Uvation Silver/Sterling
Hyacinth Silver/Sterling Tidepool Queen Other Monterey Blue Silver/Sterling
Celeste Silver/Sterling Azul y gris Silver/Sterling
Moss rock Silver/Sterling Forest Glen earrings Silver/Sterling Emerald Pool Silver/Sterling
Simple greens Silver/Sterling Corriente Silver/Sterling
Open Tears Silver/Sterling Jet rounds Silver/Sterling Darkness Silver/Sterling Red Squares Silver/Sterling
Bougainvillea Silver/Sterling Caramel Silver/Sterling Ella Silver/Sterling
Espuma Silver/Sterling Pink pink Silver/Sterling Passion Flower Gemstones
Little plumeria Silver/Sterling Sol Silver/Sterling Palmetto Silver/Sterling Open sea Silver/Sterling
Aqua Circo Silver/Sterling Kyabia Silver/Sterling Water Circus Silver/Sterling
Bianca Silver/Sterling Morning Blush Silver/Sterling Serenity Silver/Sterling
Green morning Silver/Sterling Cleone Silver/Sterling The Opening Silver/Sterling Verde Other
Forest Glen Silver/Sterling Sticky pearl Other
Night dive Other Sandia Other The East Silver/Sterling
Turkey disco Silver/Sterling
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Simple yet elegant pearl drops accented by the sparkle and shine of Swarovski crystal.  Inspired by the desert flower Phacelia that provides a spot of color near sandy desert streams.  Approximately 1 1/2 inches in length.  Sterling silver french wires.
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