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Launched and Released

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More art by Janet Brugos
Janet Brugos
Launched and Released
Mixed Media
20 x 20 x 2  in
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The year 1990 holds much for the world to contemplate. It was a year of explosive launches, connectivity launches,  creative launches and the ultimate release of a beloved world leader.
 In this  work I’ve translated those states into textured layers, the radiance into colors seen by the Hubble spacecraft. As visual reference I use images of what Hubble has seen and Mandala face in different situations. To represent the world wide web I simply constructed the www. Creative launch is keyed in as the Grand Palais Museum in Paris, France where I presented my art to the public.
 I work with a watermedia background to which I add handmade paper, fabric, bits of found or forgotten objects.
 I improvise and float the layers  over a period of days, adding and subtracting color and texture. I refine the composition by moving the groupings around or completely off the paper.   Each day I leave the work, cover it and contemplate the whole in my mind.  It evolves over a period of time until the layers find their own altitudes and the colors their own latitude and the textures  their own longitude.
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