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Retiens la Nuit (Hold on the Night)


French-American artist, inspired mostly by pop art, everyday style that you can come across in magazines, in the street, or on TV, I love to work with bold colors and strong compositions, somewhere on the verge of reality.

Francoise Drouillet
Retiens la Nuit (Hold on the Night)
18 x 18 x 1  in
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she would turn in her sleep
sometimes onto her left side
her backspine of stairs to climb

I would often awaken then
and turn onto my back
face up into the darkness
my right hand bent not quite
under my neck but palm flat
against the cool underbelly
of the pillow edge
and knuckles hard
against the mattress
though not to bust its lip

my left leg would stretch
out toes first and
easy between her legs
at rest above her ankles

then as she slept unaware
my left hand would trace
the crown of her hip
and I would close my eyes
and feel all of her
sleeping breaths
José Malvino, KNL
(Moments along the path)
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