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Ostrich egg art #1


My name is Bogdan and i'm from Romania (small country in Europe). I 'm 25 years old and I make ostrich egg art.  Someone from my family learn me to do that.

Bogdan Pipa
Ostrich egg art #1
7 x 4 x 4  in
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It is considered that the egg itself bearer of life, is a symbol of regeneration, purity and eternity. A faith from Moldova (north Romania) sais that the egg painted in red protects the person who owns it from the forces of evil. The devil asks if people are still making red eggs, because otherwise, he will show his face in the world. About 4000 years ago, Chinese used coloured eggs. The etnografical reserch describes almoust the same customs in Bulgaria, Hungary, Chehoslovakia,Austria, Germany, Switzerland, England (where coloured eggs have been replaced with chocolate ones) and Egipt. Although Romanian painted eggs are by far the most beautifull and the most "worked" of all.Only here, there are over 50 kinds of decorative eggs. In some parts we use boiled eggs, in other eggs that have been emptyed of their content. You will be able to order those eggs, or if you wish to, you will be able to order personalized ones. The egg listed here is made on an ostrich egg sheel. Each egg has it's own special identity. Each color and symbol represents a unique characteristic.
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