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Born and raised in San Francisco, Paula grew up surrounded by many cultures.  Paula�s early exposure to the color, texture and cultures of so many different people have stayed with her and now come through in her passion for beadwork, incorporating techniques from around the world.

Paula Masterman
8 x 10 x 2  in
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Throughout time, the Moon has represented the Feminine Energies. We have looked to the Night Sky and found Artemis the Greek Huntress, Inanna, Queen of the Sky in Ancient Sumer, or Isis, the Egyptian Goddess, who gives birth to the Sun. Spirals of the Galaxies, the thirteen moons of the year, the Seven Sisters known as the Pleiades, the sun beginning to shimmer in the sky at dawn all live within “Nova”. She is framed in an oval, reminiscent of the ancient drums. The rhythm of the drum reminds us to listen to our own hearts beating, to feel the pulse of life. Moonstones, fluorite, quartz, aventurine, mother of pearl, Swarovski crystals, Czech glass beads, and a jasper bear mounted on white leather.
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