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Welcome to MesArt's Artist Listing! In this extensive and ever-growing artist webspace, you will find all the artists associated with MesArt listed alphabetically. By clicking on one of the 26 letters, you will have access to the art and artists whose last name begins with that letter.

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Uffre, Orlonda

Uffre, Orlonda
I'm most inspired by imagery from my mother's Caribbean cultural traditions and from the aesthetic paradigms that are part of the African Diaspora. My current series of paintings focuses on the conceptual aspects of Caribbean based spirituality.
Ugowe, David

Ugowe, David
David has always have passion for art, including painting and sculpture, He graduated in engineering and  that has not stop his passion. When he arrived to Valencia (Spain), he felt in love with the local ceramics work which he incorporate some of his Africa style of Art.
Ushakova-Krukova, Irina

Ushakova-Krukova, Irina
Irina Ushakova-Krukova is painter, print designer and  interior designer.

We wish all of you happiness and success!
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