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MesArt is another tool in my marketing plan, one that is anchored in one corner by a website, designed by MesArt Co-founder Tatiana Lyskova who is also a partner in Taitl Design. Along with that is a brochure that is fabulously designed by another MesArt Co-Founder, Sabine Grand who has done a number of other creative things for the Artship Foundation, The City of Oakland and others. Sabine is also producing CD Rom business card for me. So MesArt is the latest visible bastion of a growing 'get out there' presence. I have been involved with MesArt since its inception and we are growing at the same time.

Over the years I have sold approximately three dozen pieces of work on the internet. True, it is not much, however, a website presence multiplies my contact points by the fact that buyers can buy and pay through email, website and/or other pay systems, and if they are local, can come by my studio to purchase an already finished piece, or ask me to do a specialized commission piece. It also provides an opportunity to see my work in the real. It is a billboard and passport for those interested in my work to see if I am a 'stayer', if I have longevity, and quite frankly, if my work is any good. Most artists that I know, including myself, think that we rate higher than the buying publics' rate of us. The truth is that until we become well-known and have made a 'name' for ourselves we have little chance to feed our families through the sales of our art. That is, of course, unless we have a patron. Most of us do not.

MesArt helps to level the field, and provides internet payment methods that are becoming a viable means of doing business as well as providing advertising space and a bulletin board to show current and future events of ones art career. You can tell that I am convinced of its viability and my advice is also to buy into this growing concept.

TheArthur Wright

As an artist, I am always confronted with the task of exposing my work to the public. As challenging as that is, provides an opportunity to simplify that process. I simply submitted slides and autobiographical information and the rest was taken care of by people who are more internet savvy. In lieu of carrying a portfolio, I have conveniently been able to access a collection of my work online. As the public becomes familiarized with the internet, the potential exposure from sharing a website with other artists is notable.

Lisa Bollinger

MesArt is a great art community resource and I truly recommend it to all artists and artisans. It was easy and affordable for me to upload my art and has become a great resource for the exposure of my art. MesArt makes the payment process simple and alleviates all the burdens of transaction. I am very glad to have signed up for a showroom and plan to keep being a client for years to come.

Robert Huckaby

MesArt is a wonderful thing to happen to an up and coming artist like myself. I am so satisfied with my page that I advertise it on the back of my pick-up. Not only is it cost effective, it's as real advantage to tell people that your art is online to see.

Gerald Perkins

I just wanted to thank you for putting my painting image in your promotion area. I think that it definitely visually directed people to my site and assisted me in a first and successful Open Studios. Your website is a fabulous tool for artists and I hope that more people avail themselves of your services.

Toby Tover-Krein

You're doing a terrific job, MesArt! My membership has paid for itself tenfold and more. Within just a few weeks of joining MesArt, my work was accepted to a regional gallery and to a new local business exhibit. The owners of both venues visited MesArt and loved what they saw. I am so pleased to be part of your sleek and professional website. Thank you, and please keep up the great work!

Serri Miller

Thank you so much for your help. I'm already getting compliments on the way it looks. It was easy to do the set up. And thank you for getting back to me so soon. I will use this information as I am adding a new series to my site. This kind of service makes your site so much better than a lot of the others. Keep up the good work.

Tina Rae Smith

Owed is a debt of gratitude to what you have put together here. Many thanks for allowing so many the opportunity for exposure.

Kenneth Treacy

Thank you for hosting free sites for those of us participating in the Pro Arts East Bay Open Studios 2004. As a non-computer person I appreciate how easy it is for me to put my work online through your program.

Melissa Schneider

Thanks so much for your response. I appreciate the steps you folks are taking. It is a great service that you are providing. I know that, with the billions of websites out there, it is hard to drive traffic to one site over another, and MesArt certainly seems to attract a wide audience, so congratulations!


Thank you for all of your professionalism. Very truly yours,

Teresa Brown

The pages are beautiful. Thank you for your offer to upload my slides. It looks very professional, very visually beautiful.

Suzanne Darcy

Thanks so much....I've been getting great compliments on the website.

Rae Louise Hayward

Dear MesArt, It is with much appreciation that I say 'Thank You'. This is a wonderful site to be associated with.

Jack Yohiel

Just wanted to tell you I looked at the Web-site you did for me. You did a wonderful job, it looks just Great. I am really Pleased. Thanks again for a GREAT JOB.

Van Waldron

Thank you for making this web space available to open studio participants, and for making it so easy to upload and manage. Thanks! It looks great!

Cari Ferraro

Thank you, and thanks for such a great site.

Tara Gill

Thanks for all the help - I checked out my site and it looks good and everything is in order - I also took a peek at the prints on your site - really beautiful work!

Othmar Tobisch

What a great website service! Thank you for all you are offering me thru EBOS!

Diane Dunwoodie
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