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The malady of the quotidian...
- Wallace Stevens


Tropical Shade by Nancy Bien Souza
(Charcoal and Chalk)

There is a residue of light and shade
to be esteemed, I suppose, in beauty poems,
in spite of the hubris to publish
them for market share- 

and yet, amid protest from purists,
are not these words (even the clever ones
that recede to origins of first love)
market share themselves? 

That is if one could break the silence,
avert denial, quixotic in the face
of dread-to compose our own retorts
like romantics who have at least one 

reader: our lover, our metalepsis
of light and shade. But silence is a sore
healer affected in the wrong places 
to punish the myth we give to others 

who come late to sentiment and stop
to listen. Be alone together then 
in the residue of light and shade. Never
mind the malady of the quotidian 

rising in its extreme purples in bleak ages
of ice and wind and neater mould to confute
that our love is original to us, each time,
routine-regular and good. 

Daniel Y. Harris

* - Published at Poetry (April 2003)

Daniel Y. Harris holds a M.DIV from The University of Chicago and is a poet, visual artist and essayist who is a member of the faculty of Lehrhaus Judaica and teaches courses in kabbalah and the literature of Jewish mysticism in the San Francisco Bay Area. In Posse Review, Poetry, Convergence, The Denver Quarterly, Panoply, Shampoo and Deviant Lit are among his publication credits. Work is forthcoming in Muse Apprentice Guild. The Euphrat Museum, The Center for Visual Arts and Dolly Fiterman Fine Arts are among his art exhibition credits.

Nancy Bien Souza (Tropical Shade: Charcoal and Chalk) is a San Francisco Bay Area artist who has been working on a collection of figure drawings in charcoal, chalk and ink, distinctive in the expressive flow of line. In addition to a career as a visual artist, Nancy is a cellist and holds an MA in performance and pedagogy from the University of Iowa. She performs throughout the Bay Area.

We wish all of you happiness and success!