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A Prayer for MesArt

A Prayer for MesArt

For the launching of the Website, Winter 2002
Let the portals open and spread
through the infinity of espace!
Let what downloads
circulate long and wide, 
immune to the limits 
of bandwidth, accessible to all 
who log on connecting 
the ether to the mystery

of fingertips: to touch
the contour, form, color, 
and hold a new currency
for art. For art is not a ghost
in the eyes of a ghost-seer judge, 
but is closer, more intimate, 
an internal voice different for everyone
but there and resolute. 

Everyone has a voice, a longing
to express, to create: this is what we
celebrate. This is what celebrates us. 
The many voices of MesArt!

Daniel Y. Harris
We wish all of you happiness and success!