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Google Analytics: Step-By-Step Instructions

The following applies only to Artist Studio, Artist Gallery and Gallery packages.

Our visitor statistics are powered by the award-winning free Google Analytics service. To start using the statistics, you need to create a free Google Analytics account.

Step 1: Opening a free Google Analytics account

Click here to access Google Analytics website and open a free Google Analytics account.

In your Google Analytics account, enter your MesArt personalized URL:<your username> or http://www.<your domain>.com (if you have a domain linked to your site) as your website URL. Be sure to specify the correct url that really takes you to your pages (not just, otherwise Google may go looking for your code into a wrong place.

Step 2: Entering your Google Analytics account number at MesArt

After you have opened a Google Analytics account, log in to your MesArt account, click on the 'Site Statistics' button and enter your Google Analytics account number. This will add the necessary Google Analytics code to your MesArt pages, allowing Google Analytics to track and show your site visitors.

To find out your Google Analytics account number (also known as Account ID), login to Google Analytics and click on the Edit Analytics and Data Sharing Settings link. This link is located directly to the right of the Analytics Settings - <your site name> heading, just above the central table. The account number will be displayed in the first field of the presented online form, directly above your account name.

Remove any spaces, and add -1 to the end of your account number if it does not end already with a dash and a number. For example, if your account is UA- 1234567, enter UA-1234567-1. Otherwise Google may have trouble detecting tracking code in your web pages.

As soon as you enter your Google Analytics account into your account, the tracking code is automatically added to your MesArt pages. You don't have to do anything else. Just log in to your Google Analytics account to see the reports.

If your Google Analytics doesn't show anything, you should double check the info about your site that you have entered into Google Analytics - particularly, that your URL and other data are correct.

Do not forget to specify your personal page,<your username> or http://www.<your domain>.com/ in your Google Analytics account, rather than, otherwise Google may go looking for your code to a wrong place.

Step 3: Setting up filters in your Google Analytics account

Some MesArt pages are cached. To make your Google Analytics reports more accurate, add the following filter to Filter Manager in your Google Analytics account:

Filter Name: Cache Remove Shtml
Filter Type: Custom Filter
Search and Replace
Filter Field: Request URI
Search String: \.jsp(.*)\.shtml$
Replace String: .jsp
Case Sensitive: No
We wish all of you happiness and success!