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Email: Step-By-Step Instructions

Before you begin

With your MesArt account, you get an e-mail account, (or if you don't own a domain, We can also forward the mail sent to this address to any other e-mail account of your choice, for example, to your account at Hotmail, Yahoo!, or Google Mail, or an e-mail account at your Internet Service Provider (AOL, Earthlink and the like).

To have mail forwarded to your other account

Make a request to set up an email forwarding to your another email address, like the address at your current Internet Service Provider. The mail to (or will be automatically forwarded to this other email address.

To set up or address

  • Make a request for us to create a POP3 email account.
  • We will provide you a username and password for your new email account.
  • Here is the information you need to enter into your mail program:

Your username: (we will provide this)
Your password: (we will provide this)

Incoming (POP3) mail server:
Outgoing (smtp) mail server:

Please note that incoming and outgoing mail servers both require your username and password. The outgoing server uses the same settings (username and password) as the incoming server.

To ensure password authentication is selected for the outgoing server, please check account properties in your mail program. Here is how to find the required option in your account properties:

Mac OS X Mail: <Account Properties>: Server Settings: Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): Automatically Manage Connection settings, or Authentication: Password
Thunderbird: <Account Settings>:<Account Name>: Outgoing Server (SMTP): Security and Authentication: Authentication Method: Normal Password
Outlook: <Account Properties>: More Settings: Outgoing Server: My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication
Windows Mail: <Settings>:<Accounts>:<Account Name>: Change mailbox sync settings: Advanced mailbox settings: Outgoing Server Requires Authentication

Now you are ready to send and receive email with the new email address. The quota for email account is 30 MB. Maximum size of attachment is 10 MB.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or difficulties.

We wish all of you happiness and success!