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How do I sell art from MesArt?

Each MesArt account comes with online sales capability - your art can be purchased by your website visitors. MesArt accepts payments by Visa, Master Card and American Express. We take a 15% commission on sales made through MesArt, when a buyer places an online order. MesArt staff communicate with the buyer and the artist throughout the sales process. After the financial transaction is completed, we provide all the order and shipping information to the artist. Artists are responsible for sending artwork to the buyer. MesArt has a return policy of 7 days. After this period is over, we send payment (sales price less 15% commission) directly to the artist.

If we are not involved in a sales transaction, we don't take commission. To learn more about terms and conditions, please click on the following link:

How long does it take for my check to arrive after a sale?

We send you the check as soon as return policy period of 7 days is over. Provided you artwork has not been returned, you should receive your check within 10 business days.

How can I invite potential buyers to view my MesArt website?

  • Send an email with the link to your new website to your friends
  • Add contacts from your exhibitions mailing list to the mailing list
  • Use your MesArt account to announce each art event that you participate in
  • Try to reply to each person who contacts you through the Contact page or leaves messages in your Guest Book
  • Put a link to your MesArt site in your email signature
  • Put a link to your MesArt site on your business card, postcards, booklets or other printed material.

Most people will be curious enough to visit your website. It works.

Is there a commission?

MesArt takes a 15% commission when a buyer places an online order for your artwork through the MesArt website.

If we are not involved in a sales transaction, we don't take any commission.

How are artwork prices determined?

It is the artist's responsibility to set prices on all artwork, as well as shipping and handling prices. The artist also has the option to indicate that any artwork is either sold or not for sale.

Are sales through MesArt taxable?

The MesArt system automatically adds California sales tax if the buyer is located in California. This amount is then remitted to state of California.

You are solely responsible for paying all applicable taxes resulting from the sale of any artwork through the MesArt website. We collect and remit to state the sales tax on orders shipped to California addresses.

How does the entire sales process work?

After we have received an online order, we communicate with both the artist and the buyer.

  1. We handle the financial transaction and notify the artist when the funds have been received, and where to ship the artwork.
  2. Should there be any unusual issues with the sales transaction, we attempt to resolve them directly with the buyer.
  3. We help the buyer and the artist order to make the sales transaction as smooth as possible.
  4. We email the details of the order to the artist, including shipping instructions, so that the artist can send the artwork to the buyer. We ask that the artist provide us with the shipping date as well as the shipment tracking number.
  5. Please always insure your artwork to protect yourself and its value.
  6. Payment checks are sent directly to the artist after the return period of seven days is over.
We wish all of you happiness and success!