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First-Time Customers

Top Questions:

How do I become a member?
What are the types of websites that I can create?
How much does it cost?

What is MesArt?

MesArt is a community of artists which began in San Francisco in 2002 and has experienced extensive and acclaimed growth ever since. MesArt's website allows artists to showcase, advertise, promote and sell their artwork over the Internet. It is a place at the crossroads of a gallery, a store, a marketplace, a community and a global network. MesArt is created and designed by artists for artists and is the home of quality fine art, design and handmade original crafts.

Why should I become a member?

The central benefit of signing up with MesArt is global exposure for the sale of your art. By helping you with advertising and selling at an international level, MesArt takes care of some of the business aspects of your profession so that you can concentrate on the creative side of your work. MesArt offers you a very effective Web presence, including e-commerce capability at the best rates available on the market today.

Five reasons to join the MesArt's network:

I. Exposure. Be part of an artist-run and -curated website with local and international reach.
II. Promotion. Present your art on the Internet for easy access by buyers and galleries.
III. Inclusion. Have your website listed in our Artists Directory. This will increase the exposure and traffic on your own website.
IV. Online sales. Sell your art on the Internet. We'll handle credit card payments for you.
V. Discounts. Enjoy MesArt members-only discounts!

Why create an MesArt website?

  • Lower cost than traditional web development (see explanations below).
  • Fast deployment. Your website can be fully functional in a matter of days, not months.
  • Your new website will share the traffic of the MesArt site.
  • Artist Studio, Artist Gallery websites are accessible by their own domain names.
  • Your website will have an integrated e-commerce capability from day one.

How does MesArt save you money compared to traditional web development:

  • You don't have to hire a graphic designer and a web developer to create images and HTML for your website.
  • You don't need to hire programmers to create online ordering, guest books and many other features.
  • You manage the relevant content of your site (career descriptions, artwork images and prices) directly through an easy-to-use MesArt account, instead of having to pay a web developer extra money to make HTML changes.

What if I already have a Web site?

A MesArt website may be a great complement to your existing domain. By opening an MesArt website, you are catching MesArt's traffic and potential buyers who are then directed to your Web site.

How do I become a member?

Click on the 'Sell Art' button at the top of MesArt homepage, or click on this link:

Choose the package that you prefer and click on the 'Sign Up' button. You can easily create your account by using our online forms and 'Step-By-Step Instructions' for the package that you choose.

You can also print out and complete our mail-in form for the package that you choose, and send it to us including the following: slides/photographs/digital images of your work, your photo, biography, artist's statement, artwork descriptions and a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope). We will then digitize (scan) and prepare your images for the Web and create and set up your account. Mail-in setup fee (scanning and uploading): $5 per slide/photograph/digital image and $5 per page. Self-setup: free.

Please send all forms and materials to:

135 Red Rock Way L-109
San Francisco, CA 94131

What are the types of websites that I can create?

Portfolio: Our premiere online art exhibition venue for artists to display up to 45 works.

Artist Studio: A state-of-the-art template website designed and hosted by MesArt, for up to 1000 works.

Artist Gallery: Full Web Site. A state-of-the-art full website designed by MesArt, with an unlimited number of works.

Open Studio: A free offer to Open Studios artists in various locations to display 9 works for 4 months after the activation date.

Lobby: 1 artwork displayed at MesArt, free of charge.

How much does it cost?

MesArt fees are very affordable:

Portfolio: $10/month. Self-setup: free. Mail-in setup: $5 per slide/photo/text page.

Artist Studio: $15/month. Self-setup: free. Mail-in setup: $5 per slide/photo/text page.

Artist Gallery: $20/month, $600 setup.

Open Studio: free for 4 months. Self-setup: free. Mail-in setup: $5 per slide/photo/text page.

We have these payment options:

  • Monthly: credit card only
  • Quarterly: credit card only
  • Half-yearly: credit card/check/money order
  • Yearly: credit card/check/money order

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your new MesArt account for any reason within 30 days you will receive a full refund, no questions asked. We don't want your money if you are not totally happy.

How long will it take to open my website?

Portfolio, Artist Studio, Open Studio:

If you have all of your images (slides) and texts prepared, your website may be done in as little as one day. Use the MesArt online forms to upload your images and texts, then notify us that you are done by clicking on the 'Notify MesArt' button.

Self-setup for Portfolio, Artist Studio, Open Studio:

While you are uploading images and texts to the website, your website is not visible on the Internet for people other than you and MesArt staff. When you are done setting up the account, click on the 'Notify MesArt' button to notify us that your website is ready for activation.

Mail-in setup for Portfolio, Artist Studio, Open Studio:

As soon as we receive your slides/photographs/digital images and texts, it takes 1 to 5 business days for us to prepare them for the Web and create your website.

Setup process for Artist Gallery websites:

The Artist Gallery package involves custom web design and some initial consultation so that we can create a site that is well designed to showcase your work.

Phase One: Design sketches - 1 week
Phase Two: Design of all pages - 2 weeks
Phase Three: Setup the account - 3 business days.
Testing: 3 business days
Total: 4 weeks

How often can I change/edit my website?

You can update or make changes to your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can upload pictures and change/edit page texts from your MesArt account page. In order to login to your account click on the 'Member Login' link in the top area of MesArt homepage.

To login, you need your username and password.

How do I submit my listing?

In order to get listed on MesArt, open an account. Choose a package here:

Getting listed under the FINE ART/CRAFT/GRAPHIC DESIGN categories

As soon as your website is activated, you will automatically be listed in these categories. When you fill out the online form for each artwork, you can choose a category and a medium for it. Your name will then automatically be listed under the appropriate categories.

Getting listed on a particular Open Studio page


1. Login to your account. From the MesArt homepage, click on the 'Member Login' button and enter your username and password.

2. Click on the 'My Open Studio' button. If your listed address is only a city without street name and address, delete what is listed on the right and scroll down to where it says 'Choose Art fair/Open Studio'.

3. Pick country, state and city.

4. Fill in the 'My OS street address' and 'OS zip code' fields. You can add any additional information about your studio/directions/hours etc. in the 'Comments' field.

5. Click on the 'Choose Open Studio' and scroll down to the appropriate dates.

What if I need help?

A good place to start is by looking through the ever-growing list of frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.). The online manuals and the Support Forum will also provide answers to most of your questions.

How-to guides:

How to sign up for Open Studios
How to sign up for Portfolio
How to sign up for Artist Studio
Tips for optimizing your images for the Web
How to pack your artwork

Online help:

Click on the 'Help & Info' link on the MesArt website. On this page you can access the how-to guides, report a problem, provide us with comments and suggestions and find out contact information.

Customer service:

MesArt prides itself on its friendly and fast customer support. Contact us using MesArt Contact Form, we usually answer the same day. You can also reach us at (415) 641-1951.

How are works chosen for display on the MesArt homepage (front page)?

Each artist who opens a Portfolio, Artist Studio or Artist Gallery account can be promoted, for a limited amount of time, on the MesArt homepage. The selection of artists is rotated regularly.

When your account is ready for activation, please let us know which of your artworks you would like to represent you in the Featured Artists section of the MesArt homepage.
We wish all of you happiness and success!