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What types of discounts may I qualify for as a MesArt member?

All MesArt members are eligible for this discounts:

  • Referral program - refer a new customer to us and receive 1 month free;
  • Discount on participation in all MesArt exhibitions and art events;
  • Giclee printing discount, courtesy of The Blow Up Lab, as follows:
Discount for MesArt artists: Giclee prints and promotional posters/banners
10% anytime
15% during the the following Open Studios periods:
February 15th - April 30th and
July 15th - September 30th.
  • 20% framing discount, courtesy of Dostal Studio.

How do I redeem a MesArt discount?

Please login to your account and click on the 'Discounts' button. You will be able to print out your discount coupon and/or discount code.

For the complete list of MesArt discounts, visit this page.
We wish all of you happiness and success!