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Artist Gallery

How is the Artist Gallery different from other websites?

The Artist Gallery's unique quality is that it is accessible from both MesArt (from the artist listings and search results) and from its own domain. Therefore, it benefits from Internet traffic from both from MesArt site and from other sources, such as search engines.

  • It is easy to update your own website through our online forms.
  • Artist Gallery is a less expensive option than traditional web development. (See explanations below.)
  • Fast deployment! Your website can be fully functional in a matter of days, not months.
  • An integrated e-commerce capability from day one (direct email, PayPal, or MesArt e-commerce).
  • Traffic from day one, as a part of the MesArt site.

How does the Artist Gallery save you money compared to traditional web development:

  • You don't have to hire a graphic designer and a web developer to create images and HTML for your website.
  • You don't need to hire programmers to create online ordering, guest books and many other features.
  • You manage the relevant content of your site (career descriptions, artwork images, prices) from your MesArt account, instead of having to pay a web developer extra money to make HTML changes.

How do I sign up for Artist Gallery?

Artist Gallery is a custom-designed website which involves some initial consultation with you by the MesArt staff in order to create the best possible site for you and your work. It is an easy-to-update website which is promoted by MesArt on the Internet and comes with several options for online sales. It is feature-rich and can include an unlimited number of artworks.

Artist Gallery has a setup fee of $600. This covers custom web design and setting up the website. The subscription fee is $20 per month. 50% of the setup fee is due in advance; the remaining 50% of the setup fee is due upon completion.

These questions must be answered before starting the custom design of your Artist Gallery:

1. Do you have a logo in the form of a digital image or a typeface/font?

2. What colors would you prefer for your website?

3. What would be the names of the categories and subcategories of your website? There are some predefined categories where the names are not alterable and some categories where names can be customized:

The following categories can be customized:

MORE ABOUT THE ARTIST (e.g. More About Artist, My Writings, Personal Photos...);

The following categories are not alterable:



The ARTWORKS, ABOUT THE ARTIST and MORE ABOUT THE ARTIST categories can each have a up to seven (7) different subcategories. Subcategories can be named according to your preference.

4. Would you like to present your work? Some examples: by series, theme, medium, or year?

5. For online sales, which of these options do you prefer:

  • Order art via direct email to you
  • PayPal
  • MesArt e-commerce - credit cards. (There is a 15% commission.)

6. Would you like to include a picture of yourself? A biography? An artist statement?

Please let us know what else would you like to have on your website.

7. Send us the links to websites that you like, and why. This can help us better understand your preferences.

Artist Gallery time frame

First stage:

To begin, we need the texts/images/slides/photos of you and your art, and descriptions of your artworks. After receiving all the materials we will have a meeting by phone or in person.
We will provide sketches with two alternative graphic design approaches to review with you. An approach will be selected for further development of your site.

Second stage:

Developing your Artist Gallery website with custom design, based on the selected design approach.

Third stage:

Testing your website for different platforms, such as PC and Macintosh, as well as for different browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Netscape and AOL. Activation of the account for the general public.
We wish all of you happiness and success!