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   Stan Hebert   11:51:27 07/08/12   

Wonderful photos and artwork! Great website, too! Congratulations on your P3 adventure!! -Stan Hebert
   Laura Johnson   06:39:12 05/23/12   

Pat, So happy that our paths have crossed. Love your website-so inspirational! I feel moved to artistic action.
   Kim Finnegan   18:01:29 04/02/12   

I forgot to note the web site is easy to use and beautifully presented
   Kim Finnegan   17:58:49 04/02/12   

WOW I have at least a dozen favorites Maybe this weekend Ill write them to you Thx
   Kim Finnegan   17:35:44 04/02/12   

Thank you for the site I will go exporing
   David Daniel   17:49:40 12/29/11   

Loved the poem. No outbursts since 1998? Or did you move everything to FB?
   Edward Ewell   16:58:12 11/01/11   

Hello Ms. Patterson, Enjoyed your images and website, send a note when your showing in So. Cal. ewellknowit
   Leslie R. Henderson   09:04:33 08/08/11   

Hi, Patricia Cousin Leslie (your Uncle Louis' youngest daughter) writing to you today. I just logged on to your site and your photographys are fabulous! Keep up the good work. I hope all is well with you and your family. Love, Cousin Leslie
   allen spencer   12:39:24 06/13/11   

Hi Pat, thanks for letting me know about this, The u-tube biography was fantastic. I have to go through the remainder of the art work but from what I have seen I am so impressed and proud of the fact I was around when you were getting this part of your life off the ground. All the best Allen
   Patricia Carlos   16:53:13 02/17/11   

I liked your "Brandon in Jimmy's Hat" photo, and enjoyed viewing your website. What future exhibits will you be displaying your photography? Also, we have something in common..... My maiden name is Patterson....
   Fredrik Nilsen   18:47:40 06/04/10   

Really nice work Pat! It was great meeting you and working with you this week on the KP shoot.
   Jeff Hatchell   16:31:12 02/03/10   

You are really talented. Keep it up!
   Dan Strawn   17:43:52 10/18/09   

Hi Pat: Every once in awhile I like to look at your considerable accomplishments with the camera and with words. Keep up the good work. Dan
   RJ   17:28:23 10/14/09   

Very cool my lovely friend! Nice remarks/comments, you deserve them!
   Barbara Yaley   07:09:33 08/26/09   

Hi Pat: Your work is just terrific, clearly using your "lens within." Of course i am especially fond of your Zydeco shots, and most especially that solorized one of Andre. Truly Cool!
   Don Carlson   12:21:00 07/01/09   

Hi Pat - thanks for stopping by my open studio. Very nice website! I'm glad the redirect was fixed and I was able to get to the site. Great photography!! Don
   Lynette Neidhardt   07:57:03 06/30/09   

Love is not getting, but giving. It is sacrifice. And sacrifice is glorious. You are always creating the glorious.
   Paula Lewis   02:32:40 05/25/09   

{atricia is the photographer extrodinnaire. Seh has taken pictures of my grandchildrfen and myself seperately. Nothing in my picture collectiob compares. Whatr a talen.
   The Audap-Page's   12:36:41 05/02/09   

Pat -- you're just the best -- your great eye in combination with your caring personality allowed you to get our WHOLE family looking their best! We were all excited with the results! Thank you, thank you.
   stephanie fisher   11:13:09 04/20/09   

I love your website for numerous reasons; first, the artwork is delightful and beautiful, second, your writings are inspirational. Glad we ran into each other at Kaiser. Looking forward to a great friendship.
   Lisa Toppin   12:34:58 04/09/09   

Our family loves a Pat Patterson photograph. I say that because they line our walls! We have worked with Pat for the last several years and each time from new baby photos, to baptisms, to formal portraits, she has done an excellent job capturing the images of our family that allows us to proudly display them.
   Ray Thompson   01:48:46 04/17/07   

Great! Love your work, Love your site!
   Samuel L. Thompson   03:12:14 02/04/07   

Took at look at your web site, interesting. I tried to view your calendar and nothing was on it and I know you have events that are scheduled. It was good to see you this past Saturday, Blessings.
   Christine Lias   11:51:55 01/24/07   

I love your art, Pat! Keep it up! Don't let the creative fire die!!
   Anita Odell   18:22:42 12/12/06   

What an artist you really are! I have such GOOD memories of our friendship and how you helped me get thru crisis after crisis - both professional and personal! How proud I am to know you!
   David Dumas   09:12:22 11/10/06   

This is very very impressive. Love those flower shots, especially the Bird of Paradise
   Pauline Morgan   16:18:51 10/02/06   

I was trying to locate the UNCF Walk that was held in Oakland on September 16th.
   SHOW   12:13:05 05/21/06   

This is one of the best sites I have ever found. Thanks!!! Very nice and informal. I enjoy being here.
   S. Taylor   12:17:10 05/06/06   

Finally got the chance to visit your site. Very nice place to visit. It's nice to be able to go to a site and seem like you are visiting a beautiful paradise. Keep up the good work. Sherman,
   Jeannie   12:21:37 01/16/06   

Awesome work! I love the Red Rose and I am looking where I might hang it in my house. Beautiful!!
   Hershell West   01:51:17 11/21/05   

Hi Pat, It seems like only a few moments ago U, Duane, and I were hamming it up at the gallery. I want to thank U again for your continuing support of ProArts. Now that I've had the pleasure of visiting your site, and experiencing a selection of your work, I commend you for sharing that which is within so beautifully through windows of compositions enveloping time and place. Best of luck to you with the jazz of being in all things creative. Hershell of Enterprise
   Al White   08:04:14 11/09/05   

Great Web Site Pat Will look at some of your picture. You are a true artist. Your Friend Al
   Sherman Bryce   10:38:23 10/29/05   

Had a chance to view your works and think they're wonderful..I like the direction you're going. Thank you for the gift you give us all sharing your vision.
   Lynette   11:33:01 08/16/05   

Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow that talent to wherever it leads. Congratulations to one of the most beautiful courageous people I know who always always follows her heart wherever it may lead.
   Bernice Johnson   16:31:44 08/02/05   

Pat, Your art is beautiful. I had no idea you are a writer as well, I loved the piece you wrote on Jazz. Don't stop, keep up the good work. I am going to forward your web page to every one onmy list, so that they may support you.
   Danielle Jones   12:59:26 07/25/05   

Hi i don't know if you remember me, but i'm uncle brothers granddaughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your website is really neat and you have gorgoues pictures. If i had any money i'd buy some of your pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you sometime soon........... LuV Danielle
   Minnie Stringer   04:38:51 05/31/05   

Hi Pat, Awesome site and talent. Can't wait to check out your exhibit. Minnie Stringer
   Duane M. Conliffe   11:29:57 05/25/05   

Patrish, Your work and your website are very impressive! Looks like I'm going to have to step up my game just to try to keep up. Thanks for sharing your vision with us. Duane
   Phyllis   22:32:29 05/08/05   

Patty Cakes, I'm so proud of you. I know you were an artist way before I met you but I feel like I've gotten an opportunity to see you evolve and explore and see your talent germinate into real inspired and inspirational "art". Your site is beautiful. Phyllis
   Omari   13:44:41 04/02/05   

Nice work Ma!

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