Patricia Patterson

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Welcome to the Lens Within website.
We each possess our own "lens within", our own view of things and this gallery
represents some of my 'lens' journeys. So glad you're in an art mode, please enjoy.
Images are available as prints and blank note cards


First Signs of Inspiraton! This video clip is from a great project by Edwin Rutsch. I was interviewed with several other artists. We discussed first artistic inspirations.
Art sparks creativity, and helps us be well rounded, healthier and more centered. Go for it....or contact me and I'll get you going!

I'm a fine artist photographer, portrait artist and writer.

I took a course in college called "learning to see", where we explored the backsides of campus, like the boiler room. We looked past the normal view, dissecting the obvious. Old curvy painted pipes, shapes, lines and movement. Lots of beauty, energy and interest in the boiler room, of all places.

The lessons continue as I explore things that "jazz" me; capturing the image in the "now" and discovering more later. I call it using "the lens within".

 Statement  |  Resume  |  Background 
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