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Broek, Joan
Joan Broek is an artist in Des Moines, Iowa. Her paintings, prints, and drawings explore culture related issues and how images relate to them.
Objects of Unknown Provenance

Cox, Rachel
Fascinated by the physicality and versatility of clay, I use this medium to explore form, technique, self and spirit.

Peace Chair

Malloy, Maggie
STATEMENT I have been art making since 1994 and work primarily in Ceramic Sculpture, Printmaking and Painting. I have been involved in and have a studio at Hunter's Point Shipyard, an Artist Community in San Francisco since 2002. See BIO below for my art history.
Grain #1

Novikov, Alexander
Alexander V. Novikov was born in 1955 in Kazan (Russia). Since 1980 Alexander has been combining his own creative work with teaching children at the Art School.

Raku Survivor

Paesch, Luna Ruth
Bay Area artist Luna Ruth Paesch works as a printmaker in the mediums of woodcut and lithography. She also works in ceramic sculpture, watercolor and photography. Her subject matter includes people, landscapes, and objects from nature.

Prussin, Traudel
Figurative sculpture has been a life long passion of mine and I have been sculpting off and on most of my adult life. As a classical sculptor, I thrive to understand and express the dynamics, beauty and emotions of the human form. I work directly from models in clay and plastalina.

Lay, Lady, Lay

Shorer, Ruth Petersen
My original paintings and sculptures capture powerful universal feelings created by the dichotomies of life. The intensity of my experience is felt through depth of color and form as well as content. My narrative, expressive pieces are passionate, inspiring and intense, much like life.

We wish all of you happiness and success!
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