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Plate Series

Broek, Joan
Mixed Media
Joan Broek is an artist in Des Moines, Iowa. Her paintings, prints, and drawings explore culture related issues and how images relate to them.
Courthouse at Lake Merritt

Brugos, Janet
Mixed Media
Janet Brugos was born in Chicago, studied art at DePauw University, Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and Chicago Art Institute. While living in France her artwork was first publicly exhibited in 1991 at the Salon des Independants at the Grand Palais Museum in Paris, France.

Flag #6

Buckelew, Kate
Mixed Media
I have been painting for 20 years and have a BFA from California College of the Arts. My most recent work examines childhood, using cultural archetypes, replicated and patterned over the composition. Through these characters I explore the difficult passage into maturity and greater self-understanding.
The Sky above...

Cohen, Christine
Mixed Media
How do I properly nurture body, mind and spirit in today’s challenged environment and express this through my art? I want my art to be uplifting. Fast-drying acrylic paints invite me to a vigorous use of the medium, while exploring the subtleties of the Impressionists’ palette.

Under Construction

Crowther Scott, Pauline
Mixed Media
I grew up in England, attending art colleges in London where I studied Fine Art. I taught art in high schools and colleges while painting and sewing fabric wall hangings. In 1980 I arrived in San Francisco where I continue to paint, teach and exhibit in the Bay Area.
Out of Nothing

Dreibelbis, Ellen
Mixed Media
Ellen Dreibelbis has worked in watercolor, printmaking, acrylics and textiles before finding her way to pastels. She has always loved to draw, and was delighted to find this way of combining drawing and painting, and by the immediacy of the results.


Eaton, Renee
Mixed Media
SEEKING BALANCE, is an emotional response to a world askew and a world seeking balance against terror and uncertainty. The work expresses an idealized inner world of peace and strength that dwells within the human spirit and which seeks to balance an outer world of violence and chaos.
Surfs Up Dude

Gallery, MKSF
Mixed Media
MKSF Gallery is the exclusive dealer for the graphic editions of Mike Kimball.

Wayfaring Coyote

Haines, Rebecca
Mixed Media
Rebecca's paintings feature a cast of mythical, often chimerical, creatures derived from stories and legends, both personal and universal. She attends to these spirits carefully to learn all they have to teach and strives with all her vision and capability to give form and color to their strangely beautiful essence.
Vessels #4

Jones, Janet
Mixed Media
Janet is a San Francisco artist who works in monoprint, etching, collagraph, collage, assemblage and mixed media. Symbols, language and letter forms are recurrent themes. Experimentation and invention play an important part in her work.

Slide Over, Baby

McKee, Gale S.
Mixed Media
My passion is color! I paint and experiment in acrylics and mixed-media: landscapes, figures, and abstracts. My work is an exploration of the relationship between abstract and representational imagery using color and texture as my vocabulary. I want the viewer to be moved by the painting's timeless energy and intensity.
Mixed Media Diptych

Shorer, Ruth Petersen
Mixed Media
My original paintings and sculptures capture powerful universal feelings created by the dichotomies of life. The intensity of my experience is felt through depth of color and form as well as content. My narrative, expressive pieces are passionate, inspiring and intense, much like life.

My Life As An Artist

Snow, Maryly
Mixed Media
Maryly Snow is an Oakland native, making art at her live-work studio in West Oakland's Filbert Street Studios, at Kala Art Institute, and recently in Mazatlan. Maryly has studied art with some notable artists including Elmer Bischoff, George Miyasaki, Jean Yates, Kenji Nanao, and Ray Saunders.

Whitecotton, Sarah
Mixed Media
My style is unique, with influences from Impressionists, the Fauve School of art, Mexican Muralists and the California Figurative Artists. My work is personal, conveying universal meanings. My paintings reveal a sense of fragility and strength in the true life stories they tell. My life is in my art.

We wish all of you happiness and success!
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