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which road? yemaja's rage

Calica, Holly
Maintaining traditional culture in this world is increasingly important to me.  My art expressions--written, visual, dance and music--are inspired by the beauty and the strength of all beings to live fully despite the challenges and obstacles presented by life.
Bedroom with Blue Lamp

Caras, Ingrid
My work is inspired by scenes from my many travels and by my local environment.  It combines intense vivid colors and bold shapes to create strong images that are statements about our life and times.


Ganenko, Tatyana
Proceeds from the sales will go to sponsor Sunset Youth Orchestra programs.
Artist Arshinov

Karimov, Rinat
Artist, Printmaker

Docked and Loaded

Kimball, Mike
MKSF Gallery is the exclusive dealer for the graphic editions of Mike Kimball.

Malloy, Maggie
STATEMENT I have been art making since 1994 and work primarily in Ceramic Sculpture, Printmaking and Painting. I have been involved in and have a studio at Hunter's Point Shipyard, an Artist Community in San Francisco since 2002. See BIO below for my art history.

Lake Merritt Power Tree

Paesch, Luna
Woodcut, large drawings, figurative Ceramic sculpture, stone sculpture
Night fog

Sussman, Sylvia
My paintings play and work with the spaces created by the horizon, or its absence: by the sky; the weather; the earth and its expanse, its curvature, its fecundity; the water, its movement, its colors; by light manifested in atmosphere; by the landscape's presence, its fullness and its emptiness.

We wish all of you happiness and success!
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