Born in Spain, I was educated in France and spent most of my professional
life the Far East: Hong Kong, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan and Burma. Since
1992, I have been living in San Francisco where I started my education in art.
After experimenting with different techniques in printmaking, I am now
making exclusively linocuts.

My work reflects the years that I spent in Asia as well as the periods when
I had the chance to live by the sea. Yin and Yang, vortex, flows, tides as well
as patterns in nature are fostering my research and convey feelings and
concepts around impermanence and stillness. In that framework, I aim at
provoking a dialogue, or perhaps a rejection between lines and shapes.

I am intrigued by, and interested in the tension so created. Once in a while,
a print is enhanced by superposing a reverse ghost of the first printed image.

For those who knew Thierry Rosset and liked his prints there is a celebration
The Life of Thierry Rosset February 16, 1930 - December 30, 2012
Sunday June 2, 11:00 am - 1 pm
ARTS PAVILION, 66 Page Street, San Francisco

Through his art he has reached many of you. His prints will be exhibited as a tribute to his creativity and skills.