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10/14, Photo Exhibit - Cameron Meikle @ Harrington
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Nancy Tubbs

October 08, 2017    

City of Pleasanton Firehouse Arts Center presents:

Photo Exhibit - Cameron Meikle @ Harrington

Artist present at IGNITE! Festival, Oct 14, 5-9pm; Exhibition Sept 20 - Oct 21, Pleasanton


An interesting series of 6 very large format photographic works is currently being installed in the Downstairs Hallway Galleries exhibition space at the Firehouse Arts Center's Harrington Gallery in Pleasanton, and will be on display to the public from September 20 through October 21.

Bay Area photographer / videographer and Pleasanton native Cameron Meikle uses long exposure on metal for this series of large pieces.

The installation is timed to be on view in conjunction with the IGNITE! Art + Innovation Festival October 14. Harrington Gallery Director Julie Finegan invited Meikle to show at this time, noting that "his work is very technical and he uses innovative processes, so it fits in with the theme of the City's festival." Cameron will be on hand during the festival to chat with visitors, and answer questions about his work.

"Light Painting" grabbed Cameron's attention early and hasn't let go yet. He is fascinated with using light to "paint" a one-of-a-kind scene. "Being in pitch black environments became an obsession," he says, noting that he initially spent hours experimenting with and manipulating light patterns out of flashlights, LED's and steel wool, enjoying the challenge of balancing artificial light creatively with the surrounding environment. "Each image tells a story that is unique to each person's interpretation."

The 22-year-old artist found photography when he was "looking for ways to best observe and understand the world around him." He was drawn in by the perfection within imperfection, and began photographing grittier landscapes where he was inspired by the underlying beauty and movement. Absorbing these surroundings, he says, allows him to express himself through his camera "in the beautiful chaos of it all."

More of his work can be accessed at

Artist present at IGNITE! Festival, Oct 14, 5-9pm; Exhibition Sept 20 - Oct 21

Harrington Gallery at Firehouse Arts Center
4444 Railroad Avenue
Pleasanton, CA, 94588

Donations are appreciated.

Phone: 925-931-4849
Contact: Julie Finegan

About City of Pleasanton Firehouse Arts Center:
The Firehouse Arts Center, owned and operated by the City of Pleasanton, opened in September 2010. The facility incorporates portions of the city's first fire station built in 1929. Highlights of the venue include a 227-seat studio theater, 2,000 square feet of high-quality art exhibit space in the Harrington Gallery, two large arts classrooms, and a spacious lobby for receptions and events.
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