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2021-More then just a call for multidisciplinary artists
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Arterra Portugal

December 11, 2020    

More then just a call for multidisciplinary artists

ARTErra is a art residency programme in rural Portugal.
Its a independent space to connect, to create,to reflect, to heal and to be.
This creative resource aims to provide artists from all backgrounds a place to focus and produce, to mingle with Nature and escape your routines.
If you are looking a quiet and inspiring environment to develop your art project, maybe a retreat to create is what you need.
Own your time and master your creative process in our envoirement.
For more details, check our website or drop us a line

December 30, 2020    

Students of Portugal has got an absolutely nice opportunity to get art residency skills from this program which recently in began in rural areas of the country. Credit goes to the administration who shared papers owl reviews online and organized this program for students to make them more skillful.
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