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12/1, Abolition Then and Now: Robin D. G. Kelley and Isaac J
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Nancy Tubbs

November 26, 2020    

McEvoy Foundation for the Arts presents:

Abolition Then and Now: Robin D. G. Kelley and Isaac Julien

Tuesday, Dec 1, 12-1:30pm Pacific time, Online via Zoom; via McEvoy Foundation for the Arts


Join historian Robin D. G Kelley and artist Isaac Julien for an online conversation about the anti-slavery movements of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and current abolitionist uprisings against racist police brutality and the prison industrial complex. The conversation is informed by "Lessons of the Hour-Frederick Douglass" (2019), Julien's immersive, ten-screen film installation about the famed abolitionist currently on view at McEvoy Arts. The conversation takes place online via Zoom on Wednesday, December 1, 2020 at 12pm PST. Attendance is free with registration.

With excerpts of his speeches and dramatizations of his private and public milieus, 'Lessons' offers a contemplative, poetic journey into Douglass' zeitgeist and a forceful suggestion that the lessons of the abolitionist's hour have yet to be learned. The installation is joined by Julien's tintype portraits and mise-en-scenes photographs of the film's subjects as well as "When Living is a Protest," an exhibition of modern and contemporary photography from the McEvoy Family Collection curated by Mark Nash and "New Labor Movements" a daily resonant film program curated by Leila Weefur that explores contemporary visions of America and concepts of transnational Blackness. The exhibitions are on view through March 13, 2021. Admission is free.

Isaac Julien's pioneering artistic practice incorporates the moving image, photography, and installation to create open-ended narratives through physical and sensorial immersion. Robin D. G. Kelley is a Professor in the Department of African American Studies at UCLA. His research explores the history of social movements in the U.S., the African Diaspora, and Africa; black intellectuals; music; visual culture; contemporary urban studies; historiography; poverty studies; and ethnography. This event is co-presented with the Institute of the Arts and Sciences at the University of California, Santa Cruz as part of UC Santa Cruz's 'Visualizing Abolition' series.

Tuesday, Dec 1, 12-1:30pm Pacific time

Online via Zoom; via McEvoy Foundation for the Arts


Phone: 415-580-7605
Contact: McEvoy Foundation for the Arts

About McEvoy Foundation for the Arts:
McEvoy Foundation for the Arts presents exhibitions and events that engage, expand, and challenge themes present in the McEvoy Family Collection. Rooted in the creative legacies of the San Francisco Bay Area, McEvoy Arts embodies a far-reaching vision of the McEvoy Family Collection's potential to facilitate and engage conversations on the practice of contemporary art. Admission is free.
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