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11/26-29, New Labor Movements: Movements I and II
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Nancy Tubbs

November 25, 2020    

McEvoy Foundation for the Arts presents:

New Labor Movements: Movements I and II

November 26-29, 2020, all day, Online via Zoom; via McEvoy Foundation for the Arts


Over the Thanksgiving holiday, tune into 'New Labor Movements,' a program of short films exploring concepts of transnational Blackness curated by Leila Weefur, available online for a limited time. In partnership with the Roxie Theater, McEvoy Arts offers a special screening of selections from 'New Labor Movements,' "Movement I. Assembly" and "Movement II. Resistance/Selfhood." Films by Christopher Harris, Lonnie Holley and Cyrus Moussavi, Onyeka Igwe, Mitch McCabe, Morgan Quaintance, Eden Tinto Collins and Adrien Gystere Peskine explore diasporic history, collective experience, and the trans-Atlantic distribution of labor, power, and people against the backdrop of the holiday's colonialist underpinnings. From the Black transcendence of I Snuck Off the Slave Ship (2019) to the quasi-apocalyptic premonitions of Civil War Surveillance Poems (Part 1) (2019), these works by emerging and established filmmakers celebrate genre-breaking approaches to film construction and narrative and offer thoughtful articulations of movement that reveal the nuance of global political critique and a profound broadness of Black life across borders.

Leila Weefur (She/They/He) is a trans-gender-nonconforming artist, writer, and curator whose work in video and installation brings together concepts of the sensorial memory, abject Blackness, hyper surveillance, and the erotic. 'New Labor Movements' is inspired by the West Coast debut of Isaac Julien's immersive film installation Lessons of the Hour-Frederick Douglass (2019), currently on view at McEvoy Arts. Movements III and IV premiere at McEvoy Arts in 2021.

'New Labor Movements' is available to stream with a sliding scale rental fee of $5-$20 November 26-29, 2020

November 26-29, 2020, all day

Online via Zoom; via McEvoy Foundation for the Arts

Suggested Donation $5-$20

Phone: 415-580-7605
Contact: McEvoy Foundation for the Arts

About McEvoy Foundation for the Arts:
McEvoy Foundation for the Arts presents exhibitions and events that engage, expand, and challenge themes present in the McEvoy Family Collection. Rooted in the creative legacies of the San Francisco Bay Area, McEvoy Arts embodies a far-reaching vision of the McEvoy Family Collection's potential to facilitate and engage conversations on the practice of contemporary art. Admission is free.
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