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3/12, Naomie Kremer: Embodiment March 12 - May 2, 2020
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Nancy Tubbs

March 08, 2020    

MODERNISM INC. presents:

Naomie Kremer: Embodiment

March 12 - May 2, 2020; Reception for the artist Thursday, March 12, 5:30-8pm, San Francisco


"Embodiment" marks Naomie Kremer's 16th solo show with Modernism. Her prolific experience with video art and abstract painting comes to fruition as hybrid paintings that explore "bodies as landscapes" and "landscapes as bodies". Her six channel video installation overlays video portraits of nude friends and acquaintances with the the textures of her abstract paintings and found objects. Kremer creates an "immersive environment that explores embodiment" as it is experienced through "individual and interpersonal relationships". Kremer explains: "Nudity involves stripping off the most basic way of presenting oneself in the world. Unclothed, the body can only present itself, serving as a canvas for overlays of story."

As a video artist, Kremer combines the cinematic virtuosity of Bill Viola with the psychological acumen of Lynn Hershman Leeson. However, she also sees her work in terms of the present political moment. "Stripped, unclothed, naked, and nude are words both literal and metaphoric," she says. "In our truth-challenged moment, variations on varnishes flourish, but these adjectives are powerful reminders of veracity. Nudity brings us closer not only to nature, but also to our own nature."

With its penetrating honesty, Kremer's art challenges us to undergo a process of self-discovery.

March 12 - May 2, 2020; Reception for the artist Thursday, March 12, 5:30-8pm

724 Ellis Street
San Francisco, CA, 94121

FREE and open to the public.

Phone: 415-541-0461
Contact: Harlee

Founded in 1979, Modernism has since presented more than 450 exhibitions, both historical and contemporary, in media ranging from painting to photography, sculpture to performance, by an international roster of artists.

Throughout its 37 years, owner Martin Muller has striven to keep the gallery's challenging, museum quality program at the forefront of the art world.
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